The innocent love….

     I stood by the tree,waiting for everyone to join and then I see you.. My mind which was violently churning the ocean of serious  thoughts suddenly turns serene and pleasant with your sight…  Everything around seems to go in a slow motion! The atmosphere around turns beautifully pleasant..

    I hear the sound of the breeze..  Trees swaying in a rhythm as your silky hair bounces while you race to the class… Just when i couldn’t be more awestruck.. You stop for a sec and look straight at me… Our eyes lock for a sec and my heart skips a beat….  lost in your thoughts, I fly to a world of fantasy and just then you give a smile….

     That’s when I know, I fell deep..  Deep into a world totally away from the real world…  A world where there are no thoughts apart from you… I smile back a shy one..and blush profusely….  After which I couldn’t look into those eyes once again.. For, I fear i might never come back to the real world.. It was magical..  It was a new feeling..different yet so magical..  Innocent and pure…immature and deep…

  It is just the beginning..   Of the most beautiful innocent love…  The one which is known as crush…. And that new feeling is so wonderful that it just blew me away….

******Beginning of ‘the innocent love’ short story ******


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