Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands - Canada Day 2020 - Pratyu Phase : Planning After a while, I am back to document my travels. As the COVID-19 is enraging around the world, fear of stepping out has been high. After about 3 months of hibernation, I decided to step out into the big bad world amidst fear and... Continue Reading →

What did and do we take for granted?

While I read the book Collapse by Jared Diamond and contemplate on the many documentaries I watched, I dwell deeply on what we take for granted. Fresh water and lots of greenery enjoyed by our grandparents depleted a little for our parents. But it was still abundant enough in our parents timeline to ignore the... Continue Reading →

Kalachakra Mandala

As I read on "Keepers of the Kalachakra" a book by Ashwin Sanghi, I touched upon topics connecting various documentaries and videos I watch in parallel. I am going to try to keep this specific to Kalachakra. Kalachakra Mandala The kalachakra Mandala is originally a 3d model shown in a 2d form with 6... Continue Reading →


Far away I fly Flapping my wings hard and high Away from kin and friends Away from the luxury of warmth Dreaming of freedom from monotony Not realizing freedom from one can be a longing for another I miss everything I left behind But I know I have made my choice to move ahead I... Continue Reading →


Garuda puranam lo Asaucham eppudu mariyu a samayam lo em cheyyakudado kuda rachinchapadindi. Eppudu: Prati kalam lo varnanni batti asucham untundi. Varnam anedi puttina varnanni batti kakunda chese panula batti gamaninchapadindi. Kali kalam lo prati varnam variki 10 rojule asaucham. viseshamga 6 masalamulalopu garbha sravamaithe, enno masamlo garbha sravamaindo anni rojulu asauchakam. 6 masamula tarvata... Continue Reading →

Pratigraha dosham

Pratigraha dosham ante danam puchukunnapdu oche dosham. Satpatrudiki eppatiki pratigraha doshamu undadu. satpatrudu ante evaru? E moodu niyamalatho bratikevade satpatrudu athIta vEdaha nityAgna hothri parapaka vivarjithaha అథీత వేదహః నిత్యాగ్న హోత్రిః పరపాక వివర్జితః Satpatrudu ante parula dabbu tesukoni vadu, Ellapdu veda adyanam chesevadu, tanaki dakshina hastham lo agni untundi.

Nalla nuvvulante bhayama?!

Garuda puranam lo tilalu mukhyam ga cheppabaddai. Chala mandi avi intlo unchukotam manchidi kadu ankntaru. Sardham apdu vadevi tilalu kanuka, nalla nuvvulu intlo pettukodaniki bhayapadtaru. Kani, Tilalu nijaaniki mangalakara padarthalu. Vatini intlo unchukodaniki bhayapadalsina avasarame ledu. Moodu rakala tilalu unnai: Swetha tilalu Krishna tilalu Kapila tilalu E moodu Vishnu swarupalu. Vishnuvu swedhamu nundi udhbavinchayi. Tila... Continue Reading →

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