2 line stories

I heard the dogs bark , I got scared to go out

So  I stayed inside the coffin


I said gnite to my sister sleeping in the bedroom and went into hall to lock the door

My sister was already locking the door , but I have only one sister


Me and my nephew were the only ones home, I was playing peek-a-boo with him

I see 3 shadows when I peek and  2 when I stop playing.


I closed my eyes to sleep and felt his arms wrap around me holding me tight

I smiled and opened my eyes to see my husband just entering the room and a shadow leaving the room!


The Dragon prince

Once upon a time in a far away land ..

In a kingdom of beautiful animals , it’s a special day for the entire kingdom. Everyone is looking forward to the dawn of the 18th Feb ; For, the Queen is to deliver the future prince of animal kingdom.

The whole kingdom is decorated beautifully , awaiting the birth of the mighty prince. As the 17th night came upon the kingdom , the anticipation and excitement grew  by leaps and bounds. As the clock struck 12 , the good news is delivered to the entire kingdom that the mighty baby dragon is born.

The whole kingdom celebrated the birth of the Dragon prince along with the King and the Queen. The cute baby dragon  lovingly named Auro by the queen Dragon. As soon as the baby is born , a prophecy is received that Auro is going to lead the whole kingdom to victory from a danger that can potentially destroy the kingdom.

Auro is a very smart, clear headed and a practical one. As he grew , he turned out to be a leader who is very practical, understanding,compassionate. Not just on the intellect but Auro also turned out to be a charming and quirky prince. The elderly adored him while the ladies fell deep in his love. The kids always loved him , for , his playfulness and quirkiness matched theirs 🙂


Auro , always believed in equality in animals, as he says “Every animal has its own majesty and beauty ; be it outside or inside.”  In a kingdom of so many animals , the mighty dragon , was always fascinated by the Monkey Lira. The clever and quirky Lira always made an impression when Auro encountered , be it by the spontaneous answers or the perfect solution to the problems.

As the time went by , Auro and Lira fell in love . In human form while Auro was the handsome one , Lira was the prettiest in the kingdom. They were perfect for each other and the kingdom rejoiced their love.


As a baby dragon itself , Auro had the command over the five elements of nature. His strongest being fire as a dragon. One day as Lira was taking in the serenity of the forest , a sudden and violent  fire started. Lira with her enhanced instincts sensed the danger and started warning all the in-mates of the forest to safety. It got too late when it was her turn to leave .Auro  had heightened senses of protection when it comes to the loved ones, immediately sensed the danger and took off to save the kingdom and his lady love.

The fire was creeping up violently to destroy the whole kingdom, he observed that the kingdom is under attack by the enemy kingdom. Using his power over fire , he used the existing fire to create a blast of fireball and destroy the army of the enemy kingdom. He simultaneously called upon his power of water , and collected the water from the sea surrounding the kingdom to put off the fire . While doing so , he scooped down and rescued his lady love before the water hits and the fire hurts her.

Calling upon the power of earth and water , he transformed the burned kingdom to a lush green beautiful land. The half burned castle is healed by the water and the earth let the plants adorn the half burned castle to make it a beautiful brand new one.

The prophecy came true and the mighty prince saved the kingdom and his love 🙂  And they lived happily ever after … ❤


A happy birthday to the charming dragon prince Auro 🙂 May he always receive the love he deserves and live in the beautiful kingdom made of laughter ❤

Dedicated to Auro, the dragon-prince on his birthday 😉

Image courtesy: Google images.

The unedited one-shot story for a special birthday of the cute and handsome Auro 🙂

2 line stories!




I love you mom , please don’t leave me .

I’m sorry ,but I have to! said a voice from coffin.


Is it your kid playing piano upstairs? new neighbour asked all excited!

I smiled , yes it is , the one I lost last year !


Mommy! Why can’t I take a proper picture till now! I see everyone but me in pic!

Ofcourse u can , camera is bad,I lied for the nth time with tears in my eyes.


 Gardener: Hey sir ,  ur son came by today and  gave me a letter to pass on to u

Owner: My son? I wish ur words were true , but he is no more .


 Mom, I am so scared !! It’s so dark in here ! I can’t even come out, its locked.

I tossed on my bed with tears in my eyes! God , help him leave this world ,I prayed.



Twisted stories :P


Why do you attract me so much ? I can’t resist you how much ever I try ! Stay away from me!

You’ve changed a lot !  You’ve always wanted me before !  stupid diet ! –Ice-cream cry


She said she doesn’t need me any more , she said she got a better one now!

Technology sure did replace me with a vacuum cleaner — broom neutral


You need me ALL the time , you cant stay away from me..

Oh really ? I totally can go a day without you ,u egocentric mobile  evil


Tried something non spooky this time as requested by a few 😛

gif courtesy : google images and 🙂

2 line stories!

When I saw myself in the mirror , I loved the way he smiled at me from behind..

only, he died yesterday and I just came back from his funeral.


He said he loved me and I should stay with him forever ,

I just stared at his coffin shocked to hear those words.


I came home tired from work  and went to bed straight away

I was hugged from behind ,but I was home alone!


I heard the words “I love you” from beside my bed

A tear dropped down my cheek  , I said ” I love you too , I wish you were alive “.

Hey !! I just started writing 2 line stories! Hoping to get some good ones out 🙂

Innocent love #3

I spend the next class day dreaming … slowly processing those special moments … in detail .. the movement of every strand of his hair.. the naughty charming smile.. those mesmerizing eyes which locked on .. SLAM! Sir threw the book of a guy out and him as well!! Get OUT said he ! I then realized what I have been doing and where I would have been if I hadn’t come to my senses!

Phew ,that was a close call! Rest of the class , I didn’t even dare move ! After the class got over rushed out of the class!

Tina joined me as soon as I was out of the class.

 T:   U look like u just saw a ghost! Whats wrong? Did the Lion roar again?

 I:  U bet! He threw Andy out of the class and guess what I was doing till then?

 T:  Day dreaming?

 I:  100 Points to Gryffindor 😀

 T: Sooooooo , who’s the dream boy ? The mystery boy whom you are hiding from me?

I : <Shocked> What are you talking about! I have no clue ! I was just dreaming about joining the best college ..

T: Yeah , right! Best college , I totally believe it ! Let me see how long you can hide this from me when I already know whats going on 😉

 I : Shut up Tina ! You are just watching too many movies these days .. Oh I heard you like the guy who danced on the event recently 😉 cmonnn… spill the beans… what’s the storyy huh?

T: <Heavily blushing> Oh that ! I just think he dances well..

I: ahuh.. aaaaandddddd.. ??

T: Aaaaanddddd .. nothing.

I: Cmonn … spill it already…

T: Aaaaaaandddd.. ItalkedtohimhesaidIlookcute..

I: woahh woahh.. slow down .. I couldn’t get what you said…

T: I .. Talked .. to .. him… he… said.. I… look… cute…

I: OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! <jumping> how did I miss all this!! when did this happen! what else did u guys talk ! How did you even talk to him! I need all the details!! EACH AND EVERY DETAIL!

T: I need to rush to the class now 😛 later later.. byee.. <runs away >

I: Don’t u avoid the questions?? Tiiiiinaaaaaaaa… Come bacckkkkk..

Hmmm.. I thought I was the only one holding secrets… Looks like there’s an interesting story I’m missing.. 😉 … Anyway, my story ended there when will I ever see him again in this huge campus , unless he…. < I stop>

 Wait!! the class next to mine never had this sir! what ever happened to the other sir….

As an answer to my q , he walks out busily chatting and laughing with his friend.. How cute is he with those dimples and cute smile..! I just stand there startled , unable to process the information as he walks past me….. while chatting turns to me to flash that cute adorable smile! That blew me awayyy…

 I just stand there stupidly staring at him ! My friends come and shake me when I realize how idiotic I must have looked!

Totally embarrassed , I try to secretly look at him just once more when he catches my eye and gives a wink.. Oh shit! He knew I was staring at him all along! How embarrassing!!

 It’s the best day of my life!! i skip the next class and rush to the hostel ..hopping and jumping..

My crush is now next to me!! HIS CLASS IS NEXT TO MINE!! Wooohooooooo ! You my girl  are soooooo goneee…. <plopped on bed>

The innocent love #2

The friends I have been waiting for, join me , I was too occupied to even notice it !! Was just staring into void , embracing the new feeling ….

Noticing the new me, my friend Tina asks me ” Someone seems to  blush a lot today 😉 ! ”

Coming out of my trance ” What ! Huh? No! No! I am not! ”

Did she really see what just happened? ! Couldn’t be ! Shouldn’t be ! She was nowhere near when he went past me!  With the mention of him , I blush again. Perfect! Thank you for being so expressive ! Now she will know something is up for sure! 

Tina: ” There! there ! someone is on cloud nine ! Just can’t seem to stop blushing!”

Idiot! I told you , at this rate she will figure it out! You are dead meat . How are you gonna control the situation now?!

Me: “No , No ! I was just thinking about the class!” Awesome job! that’s the lamest thing you could have said!

Tina: ” Ya of-course , you were thinking about the CLASS (with a wink). Class can make u blush ,noted 😛 ”

Me: “Shut up Tina, let’s hurry we are gonna get late to the class! I don’t want to be yelled at , no pls!”

Tina: “Ooookay babes, I’m gonna let it go for now , let’s go”

 Anyway the chances of me seeing him are super low , I have never seen him till now ! Of-course , why would I !? It’s not as if his is next to our class! If only that happens.. <dreamily> ! Stop day dreaming ! Shut-up and go to the class now !

Little did I know what was in store for me ….