The innocent love #2

The friends I have been waiting for, join me , I was too occupied to even notice it !! Was just staring into void , embracing the new feeling ….

Noticing the new me, my friend Tina asks me ” Someone seems to  blush a lot today 😉 ! ”

Coming out of my trance ” What ! Huh? No! No! I am not! ”

Did she really see what just happened? ! Couldn’t be ! Shouldn’t be ! She was nowhere near when he went past me!  With the mention of him , I blush again. Perfect! Thank you for being so expressive ! Now she will know something is up for sure! 

Tina: ” There! there ! someone is on cloud nine ! Just can’t seem to stop blushing!”

Idiot! I told you , at this rate she will figure it out! You are dead meat . How are you gonna control the situation now?!

Me: “No , No ! I was just thinking about the class!” Awesome job! that’s the lamest thing you could have said!

Tina: ” Ya of-course , you were thinking about the CLASS (with a wink). Class can make u blush ,noted 😛 ”

Me: “Shut up Tina, let’s hurry we are gonna get late to the class! I don’t want to be yelled at , no pls!”

Tina: “Ooookay babes, I’m gonna let it go for now , let’s go”

 Anyway the chances of me seeing him are super low , I have never seen him till now ! Of-course , why would I !? It’s not as if his is next to our class! If only that happens.. <dreamily> ! Stop day dreaming ! Shut-up and go to the class now !

Little did I know what was in store for me ….


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