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A cruel fate !

Departing from you is the hardest thing ..

When I finally decide its time to leave ..

you pull me closer and make me want to stay ..

I stay with the illusion that I can stay forever..

But .. reality slaps me hard that I cant ..

Its too late .. I have to leave ..

I leave not wanting to .. and with a heavy heart ..


I leave you asking myself why such fate..

I immediately start thinking about you..

I miss your warmth.. the cozy feeling ..

I miss you and go crazy all day ..

what do i do .. cant I ever stay with you ..

Is the fate so cruel?!

As long as I am breathing .. I will always miss you …


my bed .. will always miss you..





2 line stories

I heard the dogs bark , I got scared to go out

So  I stayed inside the coffin


I said gnite to my sister sleeping in the bedroom and went into hall to lock the door

My sister was already locking the door , but I have only one sister


Me and my nephew were the only ones home, I was playing peek-a-boo with him

I see 3 shadows when I peek and  2 when I stop playing.


I closed my eyes to sleep and felt his arms wrap around me holding me tight

I smiled and opened my eyes to see my husband just entering the room and a shadow leaving the room!

Are we real?

A thought I’ve always had but never shared! Are we in a real world , or ,are we in a world that we assume to be real which infact is a simulation or a creation of someone!

Earlier , I thought people would call me crazy if I had put forward these thoughts , but , there are a lot of people thinking on the similar lines.

What if the world we lived in is designed by someone. I remember my mom telling me in childhood , God is the master of this game . He created this and we are just the pawns .

1. What if our every move is actually made by God ! What if what we do is because we are made to do it. We might just be the pieces in a game like a chess or carroms or the characters of any video game or role playing game !

 We might be inside a game !

2. What if we are a simulation of another advanced species ! There might be highly advanced species simulating certain situations and we might just be the characters in it!

Following is an article by scientific community.

We might be inside a simulation

3. What if we are in a cartoon world designed by someone! Imagine the characters in a comic that you read being real! What if those comics’ or cartoons’ or webtoons’ characters have a life of their own designed as per the set up of the comic/cartoon /webtoon.  What if the characters that we decide in a comic take life of their own but are controlled by our setup.

We might be inside a cartoon designed by an advanced species like us

Came across  this idea from the korean drama “W”

Here’s the link to all the episodes of the korean drama series “W” for all the K lovers..


We never know until we break our own character setup!

Maybe that’s what they call spiritual enlightenment !

Everything links so perfectly.


Why ? Why do they do that to me ?

I thought I did my best

I thought I gave everything I have and I can

I thought , if it takes bleeding to make them happy ,ill bleed

I thought helping them will make them love me

I thought they’ll take care of my kids when they take them away from me ..

I thought being selfless will make them realize their mistakes
I don’t know what am I missing

I don’t know what mistake I am committing

I don’t know why they wouldn’t love me

I don’t know why they want me to die

I don’t know why they don’t want to protect me

I don’t know why they don’t feel my pain
I don’t know why the humans kill me , I was just being a selfless tree . 

You are a girl!


This title can be interpreted in two ways – positively,  negatively. Sadly the first thing that comes to me is negative.

Yes , this is so often used to insult that this particular sentence is something that no girl wants to hear anymore.

It is so liberally used by everyone – relatives, friends, colleagues , strangers and in some cases sadly parents too. Most saddening part is even girls/women use it without knowing the impact it is generating.

While most of them might not be aware of the impact of it or might not be even aware that it is insulting, it is not something I wish to hear anymore until the image changes.

Let the convos speak for themselves:

(guy/girl)Friend : I know a guy , he cries like a girl every-time he sees sad endings.

Me: Correction , he cries .period. Girls cry , guys cry. In-fact any human with emotions will cry. So he cries .

Friend: Here comes the supporter of the woman  ! Y don’t u take it on a lighter note .

Me: Well , I did for many years . Many do , which is the reason for the existence of this usage.


Colleague : Stop gossiping like a girl man !

Me: ahm , excuse me? (I ain’t gonna tolerate this every-time) . That’s very offensive I must say. I hope at-least educated people understand this.


Class mate: Y do u want to work when u can get married and chill? I have to work because I’m a guy

Girl: Because , I did not get bonus marks for being a girl in exams. I studied just as hard as u . I have to work because I’m a girl .


A stranger in bus: I see that you are travelling alone , where is ur husband?

Me: I am unmarried , I’m still studying.

Stranger: Haw! Girls shouldn’t study so much ! Just do some degree and get married , he will support u. Shop all day and enjoy.

Me: Looks like u r stuck in ancient times. Thank you for ur advice. But , please dont stop ur girl from studying if she wants to.


The most common one – your favorite color must be pink because you are a girl!

me: I have no favorite color. Yes , I don’t . I like each color on different things.

While many support girls studying now, small things like -stop acting like a girl , don’t cry like a girl , don’t be a girl , don’t gossip like a girl , don’t run like a girl etc etc – hurt even though we/I might not show it out , because if I do .. – I over react for everything because I’m a girl.

I hope people stop using those phrases . It’s not hard I promise. Next time just say stop gossiping , don’t cry.. isn’t it easy? Try it.

There is an ad that I came across which pretty much summarizes it all :


Image courtesy: Google images

Are working women with kids ,selfish?

A very bold question that is .  Yet , it is the question being posed ,directly or indirectly by thousands of people across countries, to a lot of mothers. A misconception causing/forcing hundreds of women to leave the jobs after having kids !

This post has sprouted from a heated debate about women working after marriage, specifically after having kids.  Following are strongly spoken statements  , personally heard many of these from friends , relatives , strangers & so called ‘society!’ ! Are these expectations right?

If a woman refuses to give up her job after becoming a mother , she is selfish.

No , she wants to set an example to her child!

If a woman is career oriented ,  she doesn’t  care for the family.

That’s just ridiculous! Ever heard about  work-life balance?

If a woman prefers to work and not leave the job after marriage ,she is arrogant.

  Yes, Apparently because there is no need for the woman to work ! what?!

If a woman wants to grow in her career and not just be a sit at home mother , she is deemed not to care about the kid . But, if the father works day and night and has no time for the family , he is deemed to be working for the family. why?

 Because he is the man of the house. Period.

Motherly love is more crucial to the child than fathers , so the mother should leave the job for the sake of the child while the father supports the family! Mother blaming.

Wrong , check this research article!

Here comes A convo :

Bride seeking family: We want a woman who isn’t career-oriented and would leave the job if necessary!

Me:  Is this asked to a guy? No! Why?

BSF: Because , the guy cannot resign .

Me: Why?

BSF: Guy has responsibilities, he has to take care of the family!

Me: Stunned!

what do you mean by if necessary?

BSF: Once the kid is born , we want her to leave the job because mother’s love is important !

Me: How about father’s love? Will he leave the job if necessary?!

BSF: That’s why girls shouldn’t study too much!

Me: <It’s useless to talk ! >  I have to go.

While there are people supporting working women , many aren’t .

I hope this changes for good, because working women do care for their family and kids just as the working men do .








Luxury or necessity? -Rio Olympics

Is there something called too much appreciation? While it is lovely that Sindhu/Sakshi/… are getting the appreciation they deserve , the money isn’t equally distributed . To be frank I think it’s rather unfair!

As everyone is aware of the crores of rupees, flats , cars that are being given to Sindhu or Sakshi ,what about the other Olympic participants? There are many who narrowly missed the medal. There are many Olympic participants who desperately need the basic necessities  and not the luxuries.

Why not support the needy , rather than give away crores of rupees to someone who is financially sound enough or supported enough.  Yes, I feel it is unfair that while there are some who are struggling to even get proper shoes to train , BMW’s are being given away!

Manish Singh Rawat the racewalker who bagged 13th position in finals(which is as good as a gold medal ) , how many know about him?  He practiced in the foothills of Himalayas . Instead of the training shoes , he wore torn shoes .  If 1% of the money given away is given to him , it will make a huge difference in his life. To know more check this article.

While it’s a known fact that Jaisha didn’t even get the basic necessity water , this hype seems wrong to me ! The money should judiciously be used to provide these necessities in general and in specific to the financially deprived , to the athletes rather than shoot straight to the luxuries.

“If there is a way to calculate performance per investment , the toppers of those actually deserve to receive the give away money” – Knappily.  While I might seem to be against Sindhu or Sakshi , I am not. I just think the money will hold a greater value if given to those in dire need of it.

All in all, I am happy to see a lot of training and funding platforms being planned, to support the athletes and provide them the facilities they need to train and excel 🙂

Linking a few articles which explain the need to re-think this extravagant give away and come up with a better plan.