Innocent love #3

I spend the next class day dreaming … slowly processing those special moments … in detail .. the movement of every strand of his hair.. the naughty charming smile.. those mesmerizing eyes which locked on .. SLAM! Sir threw the book of a guy out and him as well!! Get OUT said he ! I then realized what I have been doing and where I would have been if I hadn’t come to my senses!

Phew ,that was a close call! Rest of the class , I didn’t even dare move ! After the class got over rushed out of the class!

Tina joined me as soon as I was out of the class.

 T:   U look like u just saw a ghost! Whats wrong? Did the Lion roar again?

 I:  U bet! He threw Andy out of the class and guess what I was doing till then?

 T:  Day dreaming?

 I:  100 Points to Gryffindor 😀

 T: Sooooooo , who’s the dream boy ? The mystery boy whom you are hiding from me?

I : <Shocked> What are you talking about! I have no clue ! I was just dreaming about joining the best college ..

T: Yeah , right! Best college , I totally believe it ! Let me see how long you can hide this from me when I already know whats going on 😉

 I : Shut up Tina ! You are just watching too many movies these days .. Oh I heard you like the guy who danced on the event recently 😉 cmonnn… spill the beans… what’s the storyy huh?

T: <Heavily blushing> Oh that ! I just think he dances well..

I: ahuh.. aaaaandddddd.. ??

T: Aaaaanddddd .. nothing.

I: Cmonn … spill it already…

T: Aaaaaaandddd.. ItalkedtohimhesaidIlookcute..

I: woahh woahh.. slow down .. I couldn’t get what you said…

T: I .. Talked .. to .. him… he… said.. I… look… cute…

I: OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! <jumping> how did I miss all this!! when did this happen! what else did u guys talk ! How did you even talk to him! I need all the details!! EACH AND EVERY DETAIL!

T: I need to rush to the class now 😛 later later.. byee.. <runs away >

I: Don’t u avoid the questions?? Tiiiiinaaaaaaaa… Come bacckkkkk..

Hmmm.. I thought I was the only one holding secrets… Looks like there’s an interesting story I’m missing.. 😉 … Anyway, my story ended there when will I ever see him again in this huge campus , unless he…. < I stop>

 Wait!! the class next to mine never had this sir! what ever happened to the other sir….

As an answer to my q , he walks out busily chatting and laughing with his friend.. How cute is he with those dimples and cute smile..! I just stand there startled , unable to process the information as he walks past me….. while chatting turns to me to flash that cute adorable smile! That blew me awayyy…

 I just stand there stupidly staring at him ! My friends come and shake me when I realize how idiotic I must have looked!

Totally embarrassed , I try to secretly look at him just once more when he catches my eye and gives a wink.. Oh shit! He knew I was staring at him all along! How embarrassing!!

 It’s the best day of my life!! i skip the next class and rush to the hostel ..hopping and jumping..

My crush is now next to me!! HIS CLASS IS NEXT TO MINE!! Wooohooooooo ! You my girl  are soooooo goneee…. <plopped on bed>


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