Success of Sindhu – social media

Watching Sindhu fight till the last minute showed the real spirit of her. While the whole world applauded and respected  the glorious success in the defeat (i wouldn’t call it a defeat, if it were for me) , a lot of sexist comments started swarming over .

As soon as the match ended , while the whole nation celebrated her, there were some disturbing statements going around. They are disturbing to me because even in the success,the focus is being shifted to irrelevant things in media.

I saw an article on xyz site which stated people are busy searching for her caste and goes ahead to talk about how sad it is etc. Firstly , this is something that shouldn’t be a piece of news to write an article about. The focus is being shifted from success and sports to mere gossip here, which I didn’t appreciate and am sure many others would agree with me on this.   < I don’t want to name the site or provide a link to the site because , I don’t want people reading it even by mistake.>

There are various jokes going around about how women , apart from getting vegetables also have to now get medals now , how women are succeeding because men started coaching and how wife is taunting her husband using this etc etc . While there are various variety of jokes going around and can be taken in light humour, it is making the success more of a new thing to gossip about and create jokes about rather than adding real value to the story.

There are always two sides to any story ;Even here I am not sure if I should be happy sports is coming into the lime-light or if I should be sad even sports fell prey to the internet sexist jokes and memes.

In any case , regardless of the gender , it’s a proud moment for India to see such brilliant performances .  While the story of Sindhu is being heard for good , there are many unheard ;Every single person who participated in Olympics this year strived his/her best and is equally glorious in our eyes.

Happy to see great changes happening in 2016 and looking forward to seeing more 🙂

Here’s the link to all the Indian participants of Rio Olympics  this year :

participants of Rio Olympics 2016

After this serious article, lighten up the mood with these twisted stories 😀 :

Twisted stories 😛

Keep smiling and spreading happiness .. 🙂


Oh God , who are you?

Hey God , who are you?

Are you human?

Do you have a shape?

Can you live forever ?

or is the life span at your place just higher compared to earth?

Are you just an advanced species like aliens?

Can you apparate?

Are you magical?

Can you heal?

Are you just advanced  than us like we humans are than animals?

Firstly , is God you or it ?

You can just be a power , which makes you, it!

Oh God, Who are you or …. … should I say, who is it?


…. wait …

Are you just the enlightened me? Am I the God?




What if Raavan is not evil? What’s his side of story?

Am I missing a complete story of the other side?

Am I manipulated into thinking something is right ?

Is the story of Ramayana complete?  Why is every story favouring Gods?

What if the term rakshas isn’t as bad as it’s portrayed?

What if there are unheard stories of the Rakshasas? What if they were actually good and were painted to be evil by Devas?

What if the Raavan’s side of story is unheard and is lost!

I think that, everything I heard is one-sided and I am completely blank about the story of the other side. It’s completely missing! why?

I feel all that,all I know might actually be a manipulated version ! What if the demons were actually good?  What if the stories we know were created by devas to cover up the truth about Rakshasas?

What if the Rakshasaas were supressed by Devas? What if Raavan was deceptively killed for evil reasons unlike what the story preaches ?

What if….. what if…

No Barriers 

At the airport , saw a Japanese mother of two naughty boys .. A 2 year old and a 7 year old I guess. . And there was an Indian mother of two daughters almost matching their age.. While the younger one is a lil over 3 years. 

 Even though they don’t know each other’s language , I saw excitement in the faces of those boys when they see these girls. Instantly they started talking to each other in whatever language they know  and with gestures. It’s so amazing to watch kids connect without any barriers of language ,sex , religion whatsover. 

 While I would have been a lil shy to talk to anyone whom I absolutely cannot communicate with in a common language , these kids reminded me of how I was in my childhood before the  ” maturity” as people call took over me . I should be free like them .. With no worries , no care for what people think… Just do what u feel like.. It was beautiful to watch these kids communicate me play along.

 What an amazing way to start a trip to a foreign land, energised and excited to face whatever life is going to throw at me.

  Love the vibe… Xoxo 

Business insights in kitchen nightmares

I love Gordon Ramsey,  who doesn’t! At times, I get a feeling I am enjoying his yelling at people way too much !

However,  this post is not about how I feel or what his prowess is; it’s about how kitchen nightmares episodes give us insights into how a business functions and what are the problems-solutions that we can gain out of it.

Lets start with the most popular episode of all, Amy’s bakery.  The first ever time Gordon ramsay couldn’t help and walked out of it.

Amy’s bakery was a beautiful restaurant with a classy ambience, well-suited tables and a perfect example of well maintained decor of a restaurant. The kitchen was spot clean, groceries well labeled and crockery neatly arranged. It had talented waitresses and amazing staff.

Everything seems to be great,  what can be wrong with this place ! The owners themselves. Restaurant management was not their cup of tea. Restaurant was set up to make Amy’s dream come true. Doing what you like is one thing,  being able to do is other. The couple lacked the latter.

Is that the only thing they lacked? No! Amy’s food was terrible,  customers despised it. But, Amy is not ready to take any criticism. According to her,  her food is the best and the customers are wrong. Her husband is scared of telling her the truth and doesn’t take criticism himself. He’d rather yell at the customers for negative comments and chase them away than understand the comments.

While it’s good to try and fail than not try at all. There is a realisation to gain when u fail or rather notice why u do,when you fail. Amy’s bakery lacked this realisation.

It clearly shows us the ways a business can fail.
1. Customer comments are very crucial, they can make the business a grand success or a terrible failure.  in a business, customer is God. Not listening to them is like calling upon the death.
2.Denial. Unable to accept the fact that something is going wrong or you are screwing things up. Not manning up to the failure.
3. Being Oblivious to various important factors that are a must for succèssful business . For example: customers expect a good restaurant to have good ambience, pleasant and neat environment, good food and welcoming staff; ignoring any can be a recipe for disaster.
4. Not knowing when to throw away. There comes a time when you might need to warn ur fav chef/waiter or even fire him and it’s necessary at that point, regardless of past achievements. In general, not knowing when to take a step back and analyse. Not knowing when to get rid of ur ways or stuff or even people.
5. Inability to change with time. In short unable to keep up with current trend.
6. Refusing the help when offered. Knowing when to take help is v crucial in a business especially when it’s failing.
7. Unwilling to change yourself or the way the business currently is. Change is an integral part of a business. Had Amy changed herself, the restaurant would have been a hit.

More than analysing the episodes , I enjoy Gordon’s reactions 😛

Piece of cake review#8


Author: Swati Kaushal, an MBA grad from IIMC with another best seller “A girl like me” in her treasure chest.

I started this book when I decided to get a much needed break with an easy-going story to latch onto. I must say this book has reached beyond my expectations! When I first noticed she is an IIM grad , I was like ” yet another IIM grad writing book , let’s see  how this ! ”

To be honest , I was not very sure if this would cater to my current mood. But, it amazed me !

The book starts with a routine story of many girls where in the girl turns 29 and her parents are worried about her unmarried status. The first chapter establishes that she is an independent girl who also loves to get pampered , and I instantly connected with it.

It beautifully intertwines the business part with the crush-family drama part. I must say this book has great marketing ideas and sales plans. As every chapter proceeds the excitement levels go up . There are disguised villains and misunderstood characters , it has got every side of entertainment guaranteed.

It has given a peek into the business life, how  the market works , how the employees are expected to work, the deadlines, the presentations, the irritating peers , the innovative ideas . It gives an insight into what goes on behind a product development, marketing and sales. It’s an amazing book for marketing enthusiasts.

Keeping the business enthusiasts high , the book also engages the audience who love the boy next door stories. This book also has one such cute and hot guy , who is every girls dream , charming , talented . Unlike the fantasy stories , I must say the book keeps the story practical. It’s not – a cute boy, an independent girl trying to break out , they meet .. charming talks, cute scenes bang they get committed and married. No! It’s every girl’s story. You don’t just get married to your cute and amazingly talented neighbour !!

All in all , it’s a wonderful book to read while lazing out on a comfy couch and with a good coffee ;Rain is an amazing bonus to this , which I am lucky to get .. yay!

Piece of CakePiece of Cake by Swati Kaushal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All in all , it’s a wonderful book to read while lazing out on a comfy couch and with a good coffee ; Rain is an amazing bonus to this , which I am lucky to get .. yay!…

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P.s I dont have any such neighbour even to crush on.Sigh!

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Holi Holi!

Holi the festival of colours is just a few days away ! With the India-Pak win , everyone is all the more excited . The shops are filled with all types of pitchkaris, colors , balloons ..what not !  That said , everyone is using various marketing strategies even in pitchkaris ; a minion pitchkari to attract the attention of all the kids. I’d say very well-played !

Holi being a celebration of colors and love , it has it’s own dangerous side. Every holi there are some reports about people going blind due to chemicals used in colors. When I was around 10 , I got totally scared of holi after reading various articles on the newspaper.

It’s better to opt for safe organic colors than go for the cheap ones. There is definitely a price to pay if you decide to go cheap on them. Also , some colors can be very very sticky and particularly very irritating. Specially if you are sporting your favourite dress and the colors won’t just come off .

This festival reminds us of the victory of good over evil, as always. Bhang is a drink specially found during Holi, which is said to give nasha to the people. The more one dances , the more it kicks in. It makes you forget all the worries in the life and gives a high on life.

For a photographer Holi is an absolute delight to attend. The beautiful colors combined with the whole hearted smiles on the faces of the people gives amazing clicks. For a traveller visiting India for the first time , Holi would be an unexpected beautiful welcome to the culture of India.

I can go on and on about Holi , how it has a special place in every kid’s heart . Though it is widely celebrated in India , it is mainly a part of the North Indian culture , with only a few places in South celebrating it. The best part about Holi is, one can go around smearing colors on the faces of anyone and everyone , friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders. It is an amazing sight to watch , if you aren’t someone who likes getting the dress dirty.

Happy Holi everyone.. have a colourful and cheerful Holi.

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