Oh God , who are you?

Hey God , who are you? Are you human? Do you have a shape? Can you live forever ? or is the life span at your place just higher compared to earth? Are you just an advanced species like aliens? Can you apparate? Are you magical? Can you heal? Are you just advanced  than us like... Continue Reading →


What if Raavan is not evil? What’s his side of story?

Am I missing a complete story of the other side? Am I manipulated into thinking something is right ? Is the story of Ramayana complete?  Why is every story favouring Gods? What if the term rakshas isn't as bad as it's portrayed? What if there are unheard stories of the Rakshasas? What if they were... Continue Reading →

Short Story – 1

Well articulated short story.. 🙂

Life in a Pod

Working at the foreign embassy is hard work. A lot has to be thought about the policies of that country and how it is going to affect our country  its economy and how to leverage things to make it better for our interests. Long meetings with everyone from the ministries to the businessmen and other dignitaries is sometimes fruitful but dreadful at most.

Its even difficult for me as I have a great gift that anyone would want, the ability to read minds.

I had this ability since I was 10 and I started hearing my parents. I kept mum for many days before I got the courage to speak about it to them. I would have no problem understanding what they were thinking. My parents were scared at first but understood me very well. They didn’t have any idea what to do about this gift and were scared to…

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