I wanna diet!!! Oh no I don’t!!! Ladies o Ladies!!

We had a dietician at our office and a session of hers for women was an eye opener..

To all the ppl out there who are thinking of dieting. i want to share the knowledge that I have gained.

Challenge: Not to bore ppl with too many details exclaim Challenge accepted!! coollol
What is our body craving for ? :

Our body desperately needs Calcium, magnesium, iron to keep you hale and healthy. And how do you help your body  get these?? 


  Milk is a good source of calcium., dark green leafy vegetable, oats almonds, sunflowers are good source of calcium. Scrap high amounts of coffee, cool drinks and run behind the others for ur calcium.Excess of coffee, tea,not exposing enough to sunlight, coke causes calcium deficiency. Beware!! Calcium is a very essential part for our bone formation! Eating a bone helps? LOL no! quite stupid q actually  neutral

  Rich source of magnesium is our tears!! Dark green leafy vegetables,nuts,peas. Just go green 😛
Magnesium is crucial to more than 300 enzyme-driven biochemical reactions occurring in the body on a near constant basis.

  Iron is required in higher quantities for a woman. Things that interfere with iron absorption are coffee, coke, too much of fibre, tea, soda etc. Yet again!! Coffee lovers , keep a tab on the amount you consume!! Coke is not essential with pop corn .. go for a water bottle while watching movies!! You already know how harmful coke can be ..anyway, lets not get there now.. Too many ads of these cool drinks are influencing ppl v badly! sigh!


 Vitamin-D also found in eggs,fortified breakfast cereals, sunlight is the richest source. Vitamin-D helps in calcium absorption.. Vitamin-C helps in iron absorption. Protein is equally important (what’s not !) Best way of absorption of any vitamins or minerals is naturally!! Stop taking supplements and start getting them naturally!  Half an hour exposure to sunlight should be good to get enough vitamin-D..  10 am to 2 pm should b good.


  Folic acid deficiency results in neural defects in babies.  requirement is at-least 400 micrograms of folic acid a day.Citrus fruits are the best sources for folic acid. 1 cup of lemon juice contains about 24 micrograms. A serving of orange juice contains about 75 micrograms in a 6 oz. glass

  Women need lesser calories to maintain a healthy body because women have less muscle.  Women usually have pear shapes obesity and men have apple shape.(I have no clue how that is!! )

How to reduce the onset of PMS :

Less salt.. Salt causes retention of water..
Less Sugar.. Less alcohol.. Less caffeine.. have fruits with the peal
Pick low fat foods
Flaxseeds or fishes source of omega 3 fatty acids

Pcos can be reduced by healthy diet and maintaining the body weight.

***Knowledge transfer complete!! ***

That’s all folks!! Not gonna bore any-more , but do follow these for a healthy lifestyle!

Sources for folic acid: http://www.livestrong.com/article/430981-citrus-fruits-containing-folic-acid/

Image source: Google images

Start this off by having a spoonful of honey in warm water !! Dabur honey tastes good in my view 😛



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