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Success of Sindhu – social media

Watching Sindhu fight till the last minute showed the real spirit of her. While the whole world applauded and respected  the glorious success in the defeat (i wouldn’t call it a defeat, if it were for me) , a lot of sexist comments started swarming over .

As soon as the match ended , while the whole nation celebrated her, there were some disturbing statements going around. They are disturbing to me because even in the success,the focus is being shifted to irrelevant things in media.

I saw an article on xyz site which stated people are busy searching for her caste and goes ahead to talk about how sad it is etc. Firstly , this is something that shouldn’t be a piece of news to write an article about. The focus is being shifted from success and sports to mere gossip here, which I didn’t appreciate and am sure many others would agree with me on this.   < I don’t want to name the site or provide a link to the site because , I don’t want people reading it even by mistake.>

There are various jokes going around about how women , apart from getting vegetables also have to now get medals now , how women are succeeding because men started coaching and how wife is taunting her husband using this etc etc . While there are various variety of jokes going around and can be taken in light humour, it is making the success more of a new thing to gossip about and create jokes about rather than adding real value to the story.

There are always two sides to any story ;Even here I am not sure if I should be happy sports is coming into the lime-light or if I should be sad even sports fell prey to the internet sexist jokes and memes.

In any case , regardless of the gender , it’s a proud moment for India to see such brilliant performances .  While the story of Sindhu is being heard for good , there are many unheard ;Every single person who participated in Olympics this year strived his/her best and is equally glorious in our eyes.

Happy to see great changes happening in 2016 and looking forward to seeing more 🙂

Here’s the link to all the Indian participants of Rio Olympics  this year :

participants of Rio Olympics 2016

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Keep smiling and spreading happiness .. 🙂


Body language changes ur thinking !

I was just going through Ted Talks and I decided its time I write what I gained from those! That way I am spreading it to a wider audience and inking it into my heart and soul.

Today’s TED talk  is about how body language shapes your mind given by Amy Cuddy, social psychologist. Being interested in psychology myself ,the topic in itself excited me . As everybody knows the thoughts can actually control your actions , thereby the body language. But is the converse true? Can a change in your body language actually affect the way u feel ?

Apparently it does! The video is all about it . It’s quite fascinating to learn about such concept, as it can change the course of your life if consciously attempted.  The way u stand or sit in itself can make you feel powerful or powerless! Don’t believe it? Try stretching out your arms and doing the victory pose , u will feel powerful . Try stretching out and feeling like a boss , you will feel powerful .

It’s about being able to feel confident and powerful just by acting like one. It gives an increased confidence in taking risks , in expressing yourself , ultimately getting what you want 🙂 . Though the science behind it is still unexplored by myself , I do think it’s something that is important enough to know. 🙂

I have tried it myself and yes it works, when you fake being powerful , you will feel powerful which is the intent. It’s “fake it till you make it or rather become it ” as Amy says.

Embedding the link to the TED Talk , share and spread the knowledge .. 🙂