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Are we real?

A thought I’ve always had but never shared! Are we in a real world , or ,are we in a world that we assume to be real which infact is a simulation or a creation of someone!

Earlier , I thought people would call me crazy if I had put forward these thoughts , but , there are a lot of people thinking on the similar lines.

What if the world we lived in is designed by someone. I remember my mom telling me in childhood , God is the master of this game . He created this and we are just the pawns .

1. What if our every move is actually made by God ! What if what we do is because we are made to do it. We might just be the pieces in a game like a chess or carroms or the characters of any video game or role playing game !

 We might be inside a game !

2. What if we are a simulation of another advanced species ! There might be highly advanced species simulating certain situations and we might just be the characters in it!

Following is an article by scientific community.


We might be inside a simulation

3. What if we are in a cartoon world designed by someone! Imagine the characters in a comic that you read being real! What if those comics’ or cartoons’ or webtoons’ characters have a life of their own designed as per the set up of the comic/cartoon /webtoon.  What if the characters that we decide in a comic take life of their own but are controlled by our setup.

We might be inside a cartoon designed by an advanced species like us

Came across  this idea from the korean drama “W”


Here’s the link to all the episodes of the korean drama series “W” for all the K lovers..



We never know until we break our own character setup!

Maybe that’s what they call spiritual enlightenment !

Everything links so perfectly.



A common language of nature

   As we humans have different languages to communicate , so do the plants and animals. But , we humans have a common language to communicate with any person of a different language . Likewise , does the nature have a common language too?

    If we humans have a common language to communicate among themselves , so will the plants and animals. If we can communicate with animals , so can we with plants. But , the point is : Is that language inherently existing in every part of the nature, and we aren’t tapping in?

    An interesting part of the movie Avatar has been the human-plant interaction. Though , it doesn’t scientifically explain how , it sure does show that such interaction maybe be possible. DMT , (spirit molecule as scientists call it) ,a molecule present in every plant ,animal and human whose function is not yet known , might be the secret answer.

    There must be some part of the information that we the intelligent species on earth must be missing or not yet found. If we believe we can communicate with extra terrestrial species, plants a part of the world we live in must surely be possible. A common language of nature must definitely exist . It’s just a matter of finding it and using it to connect to the nature.

 For more info on DMT : watch the following documentary