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2 line stories

I heard the dogs bark , I got scared to go out

So  I stayed inside the coffin


I said gnite to my sister sleeping in the bedroom and went into hall to lock the door

My sister was already locking the door , but I have only one sister


Me and my nephew were the only ones home, I was playing peek-a-boo with him

I see 3 shadows when I peek and  2 when I stop playing.


I closed my eyes to sleep and felt his arms wrap around me holding me tight

I smiled and opened my eyes to see my husband just entering the room and a shadow leaving the room!

Why ? Why do they do that to me ?

I thought I did my best

I thought I gave everything I have and I can

I thought , if it takes bleeding to make them happy ,ill bleed

I thought helping them will make them love me

I thought they’ll take care of my kids when they take them away from me ..

I thought being selfless will make them realize their mistakes
I don’t know what am I missing

I don’t know what mistake I am committing

I don’t know why they wouldn’t love me

I don’t know why they want me to die

I don’t know why they don’t want to protect me

I don’t know why they don’t feel my pain
I don’t know why the humans kill me , I was just being a selfless tree . 

Are working women with kids ,selfish?

A very bold question that is .  Yet , it is the question being posed ,directly or indirectly by thousands of people across countries, to a lot of mothers. A misconception causing/forcing hundreds of women to leave the jobs after having kids !

This post has sprouted from a heated debate about women working after marriage, specifically after having kids.  Following are strongly spoken statements  , personally heard many of these from friends , relatives , strangers & so called ‘society!’ ! Are these expectations right?

If a woman refuses to give up her job after becoming a mother , she is selfish.

No , she wants to set an example to her child!

If a woman is career oriented ,  she doesn’t  care for the family.

That’s just ridiculous! Ever heard about  work-life balance?

If a woman prefers to work and not leave the job after marriage ,she is arrogant.

  Yes, Apparently because there is no need for the woman to work ! what?!

If a woman wants to grow in her career and not just be a sit at home mother , she is deemed not to care about the kid . But, if the father works day and night and has no time for the family , he is deemed to be working for the family. why?

 Because he is the man of the house. Period.

Motherly love is more crucial to the child than fathers , so the mother should leave the job for the sake of the child while the father supports the family! Mother blaming.

Wrong , check this research article!


Here comes A convo :

Bride seeking family: We want a woman who isn’t career-oriented and would leave the job if necessary!

Me:  Is this asked to a guy? No! Why?

BSF: Because , the guy cannot resign .

Me: Why?

BSF: Guy has responsibilities, he has to take care of the family!

Me: Stunned!

what do you mean by if necessary?

BSF: Once the kid is born , we want her to leave the job because mother’s love is important !

Me: How about father’s love? Will he leave the job if necessary?!

BSF: That’s why girls shouldn’t study too much!

Me: <It’s useless to talk ! >  I have to go.

While there are people supporting working women , many aren’t .

I hope this changes for good, because working women do care for their family and kids just as the working men do .








Warren Buffet’s management secrets review#7


This is about the management strategies used by warren buffet to grow into the person he is. From a person who feared talking in-front of people to becoming who he is , Warren Buffet has outsmarted his investor self with his manager self.

A few secrets to a successful entrepreneurship:

  1. Own , manage or work for the right business.
  2. Delegate authority so that there is more time to invest in innovative thoughts.
  3. Find manager with right qualities; Integrity,intelligence and passion
  4. Motivating the work force

His secrets about managerial aspects gives an insight to the way markets work. The book talks about

  1. Which companies are best to work with
  2. How the employers think , which companies they prefer to work with
  3. How the consumers decisions impact the market.
  4. The type of companies that give more scope for a manager to grow and succeed.
  5. Re-designing products, re-building machines
  6. Low cost buyer and seller companies eg: Nebraska furniture mart, Costco,Walmart

This book gives a lot of insights into business world ,strategies and the qualities needed by every person at one’s point of career. It explains strategies of various companies and what lead them to the path of success. A must read book 🙂

The audio book video is below.. 🙂

The Story of Lucius Cane review #6



To start with , it is pretty much a short story with about 20 pages; and the first book of the series .

The start is pretty interesting when I did not have any prior knowledge about the book . I prefer to keep the suspense intact and hence never read the reviews before starting the book.

If started without any knowledge of what the book is about , the first two chapters are the most interesting ones. Though the suspense wouldn’t last long , as they are  pretty short , they are the best.

I felt if each chapter was a lengthy one , there would have been more time to build the characters and slowly plunge into the story. The storyline is really good , loved the way two characters were introduced. After the introduction of the characters , I started predicting the story, I wish there were unexpected twists.

All in all, the storyline though really good , the shortness of the story took away the suspense time frame. A few more characters in it would have made it more interesting  and exciting. As the story is about my fav fiction characters , I enjoyed reading it anyway.

For a short story,It’s a really good one to read while travelling (a half-one hour drive story), while having a cup of coffee/tea early in the morning. In the end , a common feeling the readers get is I wish there was more to the story 🙂 . Hoping to see an expanded storyline in book2 with more exciting parts . Can’t wait to read it 🙂

Thank you Vanya for sending it out to me to review 🙂


The Story of Lucius Cane: Book OneThe Story of Lucius Cane: Book One by Vanya Ferreira

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

All in all, the storyline though really good , the shortness of the story took away the suspense time frame. A few more characters in it would have made it more interesting and exciting.

For a short story,It’s a really good one to read while travelling (a half-one hour drive story), while having a cup of coffee/tea early in the morning. In the end , a common feeling the readers get is I wish there was more to the story 🙂 . Hoping to see an expanded storyline in book2 with more exciting parts .

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A common language of nature

   As we humans have different languages to communicate , so do the plants and animals. But , we humans have a common language to communicate with any person of a different language . Likewise , does the nature have a common language too?

    If we humans have a common language to communicate among themselves , so will the plants and animals. If we can communicate with animals , so can we with plants. But , the point is : Is that language inherently existing in every part of the nature, and we aren’t tapping in?

    An interesting part of the movie Avatar has been the human-plant interaction. Though , it doesn’t scientifically explain how , it sure does show that such interaction maybe be possible. DMT , (spirit molecule as scientists call it) ,a molecule present in every plant ,animal and human whose function is not yet known , might be the secret answer.

    There must be some part of the information that we the intelligent species on earth must be missing or not yet found. If we believe we can communicate with extra terrestrial species, plants a part of the world we live in must surely be possible. A common language of nature must definitely exist . It’s just a matter of finding it and using it to connect to the nature.

 For more info on DMT : watch the following documentary

Best friend forever

I lost my best friend.


The one, whom I can ping any-time round the clock

The one, with whom I can blabber anything and everything

The one, with whom I share all my joy and sorrow

The one, with whom I can talk for hours without any topic to begin with

The one, whom I can wake up any time just because I’m bored

The one, with whom I can share random shit and feel comfortable


The one, to whom I can reveal what’s actually behind the disguise

The one, who slaps reality in my face when I’m stuck in a bubble

The one, who secretly protects me from everything I’m ignorant about

The one, who encourages me to take risks and  changes my perspectives

The one, who warns me about the problems that I’m inviting

The one, who makes my confusion towards life look just so normal


The one, who’s my first good morning and last good night

The one, who’s on the top of the messaging list always

The one, who irritates me the most

The one, who makes craziness seem so cool

The one, who makes fun of every pic or status I ever share

The one, who will leave me fuming and still get away with it


The one, whom I miss everyday now, yet cant reach out

The one, I lost last year and started this year missing an imp part

The one, who will remain my best friend forever in my mind and heart

The one, I can never use past tense about!


This post is dedicated to that best friend of mine , who’s memories will always remain close to my heart.