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A cruel fate !

Departing from you is the hardest thing ..

When I finally decide its time to leave ..

you pull me closer and make me want to stay ..

I stay with the illusion that I can stay forever..

But .. reality slaps me hard that I cant ..

Its too late .. I have to leave ..

I leave not wanting to .. and with a heavy heart ..


I leave you asking myself why such fate..

I immediately start thinking about you..

I miss your warmth.. the cozy feeling ..

I miss you and go crazy all day ..

what do i do .. cant I ever stay with you ..

Is the fate so cruel?!

As long as I am breathing .. I will always miss you …


my bed .. will always miss you..





“Best seller she wrote” review #3


Author : ” Best seller she wrote ” is written by Ravi Subramanian an alumnus of IIMB. A best selling author who won a lot of awards and is a banker too.

The book sets off awaiting the guest at IIMB packed auditorium , this has set the image high up for the guest in question already. The entry of the main character Mr Aditya Kapoor has set off marvellously. He then goes on to talk about being a writer and a best selling author when he gets interrupted by a girl. An intense exchange of words go on and will be later settled by the girl. With a lovely doting wife and the pretty fan girl who aspires to be an author, what would happen further? I wouldn’t be revealing that .

Things to notice are that the actual professional life of a best selling author is very well portrayed. The hurdles faced  by the author on how to market a book once its written , create the plot, publicize it etc.  The work-life balance is very well indicated by describing the happy family life and the work life which is moving  at an amazing pace. It also shows how a famous , rock star writer has his normal life moments .

The subtle friendship fights and the bond of friendship which goes through various hits is very well portrayed. Though, the only thing that seemed like a set-back or which made my interest levels go low suddenly is the similarity between a current best selling author and the Aditya regarding an event. Though I didn’t feel quite good when such a doting wife is getting side-tracked. It is quite engaging and takes you into the shoes of the author later making everything seem quite understandable.

The character of the girl who aspires to be an author is very well portrayed , though it seemed a lil off at first as to why is she doing it , eventually as the story drains in any such q’s slowly disappear. A strong girl with a lot of confidence in herself, the fan-girl as I call her is impressive in chasing her dream of becoming an author also clearly stating to have a safe job side by side.This clearly explained the though process of a lot of writers who fear to have it as the only job . They would rather have it as a passion and leave the actual stability and money machine coming from another job.

It’s good for a light read with coffee in the mornings on weekends .. enjoying cool breeze and with a film enacting in your head as you read it over.  I started it out with a dilemma as to if it will turn out to be any regular book and might lose out interest, instead I actually had fun reading it. The story line might not be so different and expected but it is engaging . Have fun reading 🙂

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Are u rich or poor? Or both?

A long due doodle..


Do we need money to be happy? Absolutely not!
“Can a poor man be happy?” a question that lingers in the minds of many!

I’d say yes.. But, the question itself is unclear to me. Poor in terms of what would be my first question to that question.
How do you define poor?  Poor is lacking something, in general. If poor is in terms of money, the same person is rich in terms of happiness!

A rich man can be poor and a poor man can be Rich! Funny isn’t it?

Anyway, going by the  “general” definition of society..  This doodle here is left to the interpretation of you guys….

Keep smiling no matter what would be one of them.. 🙂 Happy weekend!

2 line stories!

When I saw myself in the mirror , I loved the way he smiled at me from behind..

only, he died yesterday and I just came back from his funeral.


He said he loved me and I should stay with him forever ,

I just stared at his coffin shocked to hear those words.


I came home tired from work  and went to bed straight away

I was hugged from behind ,but I was home alone!


I heard the words “I love you” from beside my bed

A tear dropped down my cheek  , I said ” I love you too , I wish you were alive “.

Hey !! I just started writing 2 line stories! Hoping to get some good ones out 🙂

My New DSLR !!!!!

Back to blogging againnn … 🙂

After a looooooooong wait , finally took a step towards my passion..  Decided to try it out in my life and bought the first thing I wanted .. DSLR..

Buying a DSLR with my hard-earned money is the most blissful experience and that would remain in my heart forever. Every time I look back , I am sure I will always be happy to take this decision at this point of my life .

Having said that , what’s the fun in just buying the dslr and keeping it locked away ryt ?? Time to click as many pictures possible … time to freeze as many amazing moments as possible…

Though I am an amateur at this point and not entirely sure about the type of photography I am exactly made for .. I will get there 🙂 Now its time to explore ..

Here’s the first click of my dslr … at office 😛 Well, as the word office always screams out the word stress .. here it is ..

Caption: When d stress is just too much to handle… click the link below for the pic 🙂


And btw , as u see this is my photography page ..   World thru my lens .. 🙂