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Are working women with kids ,selfish?

A very bold question that is .  Yet , it is the question being posed ,directly or indirectly by thousands of people across countries, to a lot of mothers. A misconception causing/forcing hundreds of women to leave the jobs after having kids !

This post has sprouted from a heated debate about women working after marriage, specifically after having kids.  Following are strongly spoken statements  , personally heard many of these from friends , relatives , strangers & so called ‘society!’ ! Are these expectations right?

If a woman refuses to give up her job after becoming a mother , she is selfish.

No , she wants to set an example to her child!

If a woman is career oriented ,  she doesn’t  care for the family.

That’s just ridiculous! Ever heard about  work-life balance?

If a woman prefers to work and not leave the job after marriage ,she is arrogant.

  Yes, Apparently because there is no need for the woman to work ! what?!

If a woman wants to grow in her career and not just be a sit at home mother , she is deemed not to care about the kid . But, if the father works day and night and has no time for the family , he is deemed to be working for the family. why?

 Because he is the man of the house. Period.

Motherly love is more crucial to the child than fathers , so the mother should leave the job for the sake of the child while the father supports the family! Mother blaming.

Wrong , check this research article!


Here comes A convo :

Bride seeking family: We want a woman who isn’t career-oriented and would leave the job if necessary!

Me:  Is this asked to a guy? No! Why?

BSF: Because , the guy cannot resign .

Me: Why?

BSF: Guy has responsibilities, he has to take care of the family!

Me: Stunned!

what do you mean by if necessary?

BSF: Once the kid is born , we want her to leave the job because mother’s love is important !

Me: How about father’s love? Will he leave the job if necessary?!

BSF: That’s why girls shouldn’t study too much!

Me: <It’s useless to talk ! >  I have to go.

While there are people supporting working women , many aren’t .

I hope this changes for good, because working women do care for their family and kids just as the working men do .









The mother and the baby… Doodle#1

I’ve known u will grow big one day..

I’ve known u will fly one day…

I’ve known there will be a day, when I sit here and wonder when I would see u again..

I’ve known there will be a day ,when I’ll miss u with tears in my eyes..

I’ve known that ,one day I need to let go of u .. let u fly and see the world..

But I’ve never known when that day is here , this knowledge will be of no use.

I know I have to let u go.. but my dear it’s hard ..and I don’t have u to say “its going to be ok mama” …

This is the story of a  mother looking at its babies grow wings and fly far away … happy to see them grow ,yet, sad to know they are not going to come back to the nest….  mixed feelings , both equally strong.. yet all she can do is , stay strong and cherish the moments…

The Tool of creation … of wonders..

The amazing thing that

Blesses people with a wonderful life..(Priests)

Gives out offerings to the poor and the needy..(Generous)

Feeds the innocent angels of earth…(Mother)

Beautifies the images of things with amazing moves and sketching …(Painters & other artists)

Saves people from the world of hell …(Doctors)

Adds a layer of beauty to the existing .. (Beauticians)

Acts as a tool to make a living ..to survive.. (Workers)

Taps with its little soldiers to contribute to industrial development.. (Engineers and industrialists)

Makes wonders out of mud… (Potters)

and many more unexplained things.. the tool to achieve the passions and dreams of many…

Its the” Hand” that offers…that creates wonders…