Are working women with kids ,selfish?

A very bold question that is . ¬†Yet , it is the question being posed ,directly or indirectly by thousands of people across countries, to a lot of mothers. A misconception causing/forcing hundreds of women to leave the jobs after having kids ! This post has sprouted from a heated debate about women working after... Continue Reading →


The mother and the baby… Doodle#1

I've known u will grow big one day.. I've known u will fly one day... I've known there will be a day, when I sit here and wonder when I would see u again.. I've known there will be a day ,when I'll miss u with tears in my eyes.. I've known that ,one day... Continue Reading →

The Tool of creation … of wonders..

The amazing thing that Blesses people with a wonderful life..(Priests) Gives out offerings to the poor and the needy..(Generous) Feeds the innocent angels of earth...(Mother) Beautifies the images of things with amazing moves and sketching ...(Painters & other artists) Saves people from the world of hell ...(Doctors) Adds a layer of beauty to the existing... Continue Reading →

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