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Why ? Why do they do that to me ?

I thought I did my best

I thought I gave everything I have and I can

I thought , if it takes bleeding to make them happy ,ill bleed

I thought helping them will make them love me

I thought they’ll take care of my kids when they take them away from me ..

I thought being selfless will make them realize their mistakes
I don’t know what am I missing

I don’t know what mistake I am committing

I don’t know why they wouldn’t love me

I don’t know why they want me to die

I don’t know why they don’t want to protect me

I don’t know why they don’t feel my pain
I don’t know why the humans kill me , I was just being a selfless tree . 


An angel in the dark…#14 pic

Angel in the dark..

Angel in the dark..

As the water gushes down , the darkness is filled with brightness…

the drizzle of the water makes the people around feel alive…

As the cool air secretly sweeps in , the warmth from the loved ones looks even more special…

The sound of it gives a beautiful diversion to any disturbed and tensed mind…

The best relaxation anyone  would get…  to the mind and heart like an angel in the dark…