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Are working women with kids ,selfish?

A very bold question that is .  Yet , it is the question being posed ,directly or indirectly by thousands of people across countries, to a lot of mothers. A misconception causing/forcing hundreds of women to leave the jobs after having kids !

This post has sprouted from a heated debate about women working after marriage, specifically after having kids.  Following are strongly spoken statements  , personally heard many of these from friends , relatives , strangers & so called ‘society!’ ! Are these expectations right?

If a woman refuses to give up her job after becoming a mother , she is selfish.

No , she wants to set an example to her child!

If a woman is career oriented ,  she doesn’t  care for the family.

That’s just ridiculous! Ever heard about  work-life balance?

If a woman prefers to work and not leave the job after marriage ,she is arrogant.

  Yes, Apparently because there is no need for the woman to work ! what?!

If a woman wants to grow in her career and not just be a sit at home mother , she is deemed not to care about the kid . But, if the father works day and night and has no time for the family , he is deemed to be working for the family. why?

 Because he is the man of the house. Period.

Motherly love is more crucial to the child than fathers , so the mother should leave the job for the sake of the child while the father supports the family! Mother blaming.

Wrong , check this research article!


Here comes A convo :

Bride seeking family: We want a woman who isn’t career-oriented and would leave the job if necessary!

Me:  Is this asked to a guy? No! Why?

BSF: Because , the guy cannot resign .

Me: Why?

BSF: Guy has responsibilities, he has to take care of the family!

Me: Stunned!

what do you mean by if necessary?

BSF: Once the kid is born , we want her to leave the job because mother’s love is important !

Me: How about father’s love? Will he leave the job if necessary?!

BSF: That’s why girls shouldn’t study too much!

Me: <It’s useless to talk ! >  I have to go.

While there are people supporting working women , many aren’t .

I hope this changes for good, because working women do care for their family and kids just as the working men do .









A Lovely confession

I never knew I will hear it again..
I never knew I will feel the butterflies again…
I never knew I will have that pleasant surprise again..
I never knew I will be understood and cared for again…

I never knew I am good enough….
I never knew I am pretty enough…
I never knew I am smart enough..

I never knew I had it all the way..
I never knew I had only gotten better..
I never knew life has a way of surprising me when I give up on it…

If its not a surprise, should I just say I’m lucky?
If its not a co-incidence, is this destiny?

Life u sure have ur way of surprising people! A simple confession can bloom so much confidence in someone ,is something that I am surprised to learn!  🙂

It’s Sunday !! Lets party before Monday takes over!! Doodle#6

The weekend is about to end ! Let’s end it with a bang before Monday snarls at us ! Monday , on ur face ! I’m gonna party hard… like this 😉


I love a singer! Doodle#4

The dream moment of every girl… a guy singing for her.. Who cannot fall for that romantic act!!

A guy with the most amazing voice is every girl’s dream.. or maybe just mine 😛




My most fav song from the mesmorizing SonuNigam from the movie Agneepath .. which totally suits the feel of the pic.. any girl would fall for his singing.. ❤


My Takeko.. My luck plant .. :)

  If you are wondering what language the name is in , its japanese. Takeko is a bamboo child as per the following source http://www.thenamemeaning.com/takeko/ . I named my bamboo plant or as it is popularly called the luck plant as Takeko. People say the luck plant has to be gifted you , it cannot be bought! So , me and my sister wished each other good luck by gifting each other 😀

   I love naming each and everything I have , as I was browsing through trying to find the name for my treasure chest of luck .. Takeko seemed very cute and apt! A plant always gives a great start to the day, it is refreshing in every sense to have one!

   I do talk to my plants, they know my problems too 😛 They give a great feeling and most of the plant lovers firmly endorse that they do respond too , if only one has the eyes to observe 🙂 Having such a delight at office , refreshes every day at office. Especially , if its a luck plant , time at office becomes all the more refreshing in every way . Be it getting more oxygen 😛 or seeing it once in while and smiling at it, waiting to go to office to see if it has grown etc etc  . Plant is the only one that can actually make you want to go to office,motivate you to be there. <No offence to work lovers > 😛

All in all , get the luck plant now if you want shower of luck everyday !! Here’s mine in the picture below, sitting next to my laptop , maybe even smiling at me whenever I talk about it .Takeko!