A cruel fate !

Departing from you is the hardest thing ..

When I finally decide its time to leave ..

you pull me closer and make me want to stay ..

I stay with the illusion that I can stay forever..

But .. reality slaps me hard that I cant ..

Its too late .. I have to leave ..

I leave not wanting to .. and with a heavy heart ..


I leave you asking myself why such fate..

I immediately start thinking about you..

I miss your warmth.. the cozy feeling ..

I miss you and go crazy all day ..

what do i do .. cant I ever stay with you ..

Is the fate so cruel?!

As long as I am breathing .. I will always miss you …


my bed .. will always miss you..





Why ? Why do they do that to me ?

I thought I did my best

I thought I gave everything I have and I can

I thought , if it takes bleeding to make them happy ,ill bleed

I thought helping them will make them love me

I thought they’ll take care of my kids when they take them away from me ..

I thought being selfless will make them realize their mistakes
I don’t know what am I missing

I don’t know what mistake I am committing

I don’t know why they wouldn’t love me

I don’t know why they want me to die

I don’t know why they don’t want to protect me

I don’t know why they don’t feel my pain
I don’t know why the humans kill me , I was just being a selfless tree . 

Oh God , who are you?

Hey God , who are you?

Are you human?

Do you have a shape?

Can you live forever ?

or is the life span at your place just higher compared to earth?

Are you just an advanced species like aliens?

Can you apparate?

Are you magical?

Can you heal?

Are you just advanced  than us like we humans are than animals?

Firstly , is God you or it ?

You can just be a power , which makes you, it!

Oh God, Who are you or …. … should I say, who is it?


…. wait …

Are you just the enlightened me? Am I the God?




Best friend forever

I lost my best friend.


The one, whom I can ping any-time round the clock

The one, with whom I can blabber anything and everything

The one, with whom I share all my joy and sorrow

The one, with whom I can talk for hours without any topic to begin with

The one, whom I can wake up any time just because I’m bored

The one, with whom I can share random shit and feel comfortable


The one, to whom I can reveal what’s actually behind the disguise

The one, who slaps reality in my face when I’m stuck in a bubble

The one, who secretly protects me from everything I’m ignorant about

The one, who encourages me to take risks and  changes my perspectives

The one, who warns me about the problems that I’m inviting

The one, who makes my confusion towards life look just so normal


The one, who’s my first good morning and last good night

The one, who’s on the top of the messaging list always

The one, who irritates me the most

The one, who makes craziness seem so cool

The one, who makes fun of every pic or status I ever share

The one, who will leave me fuming and still get away with it


The one, whom I miss everyday now, yet cant reach out

The one, I lost last year and started this year missing an imp part

The one, who will remain my best friend forever in my mind and heart

The one, I can never use past tense about!


This post is dedicated to that best friend of mine , who’s memories will always remain close to my heart.




A Lovely confession

I never knew I will hear it again..
I never knew I will feel the butterflies again…
I never knew I will have that pleasant surprise again..
I never knew I will be understood and cared for again…

I never knew I am good enough….
I never knew I am pretty enough…
I never knew I am smart enough..

I never knew I had it all the way..
I never knew I had only gotten better..
I never knew life has a way of surprising me when I give up on it…

If its not a surprise, should I just say I’m lucky?
If its not a co-incidence, is this destiny?

Life u sure have ur way of surprising people! A simple confession can bloom so much confidence in someone ,is something that I am surprised to learn!  🙂

The mother and the baby… Doodle#1

I’ve known u will grow big one day..

I’ve known u will fly one day…

I’ve known there will be a day, when I sit here and wonder when I would see u again..

I’ve known there will be a day ,when I’ll miss u with tears in my eyes..

I’ve known that ,one day I need to let go of u .. let u fly and see the world..

But I’ve never known when that day is here , this knowledge will be of no use.

I know I have to let u go.. but my dear it’s hard ..and I don’t have u to say “its going to be ok mama” …

This is the story of a  mother looking at its babies grow wings and fly far away … happy to see them grow ,yet, sad to know they are not going to come back to the nest….  mixed feelings , both equally strong.. yet all she can do is , stay strong and cherish the moments…

U are my cute Lil one…

Time jus flies when u are with me…
I don’t care what’s happening around..
I don’t care what’s going wrong..
When u are here I just want to be here..

I wake up to that innocent cute smile of urs..
I smile to the cute Lil laughter of urs…
I am a 1 year old when I’m with u…
I relive the innocence when I see you..

I smile when u sleep with all the peace in the world..
I smile when I have to cheat my way to feed u and u find it out…
I smile when u cry to come to me…
I smile when I see you running towards me as soon as u see me…

I try all sorts of things to please you and when u smile it makes up for everything in the world…
The only worry in the world when u are here is to see you cry…
The only happiness in the world is to see you laugh and play…

As you play the peek a boo,  I run around to hide and make it the best for u…
When you clap for me I feel I’ve achieved everything in the world…

And when u leave..  I feel lost for a sec when the tears come rolling down…
I feel so empty inside and the whole place seems so vacant….

I cry when I hear the song you dance to…
I cry when I see the video I played for u…

But then I realise you can’t stay here forever.. 
I realise il meet you again and again… And this is not the last time…
When I imagine meeting u again to see that cute smile.. I smile again…. Coz u are the cutest thing I have ever seen… U are my cute nephew..  🙂