Β I am a dreamer, an aspirer and an explorer. I appreciate every form of art and am truly interested in exploring as many fields of art as possible. I love to write about the ideas and thoughts that reside in my mind. I believe learning is a continual process;but,having fun while learning is an important process πŸ™‚




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  1. Dear Pratyu,

    Right now, my short story is a single plankton in an ocean of sharp toothed books, but I am hoping that once you and your peers review it, it would amass to much more than that.

    My name is Vanya Ferreira and I am a new author hoping to make a long, productive career out of writing. My short story – “The Story of Lucius Cane” – was published on Amazon eight days ago. It belongs to the dark fantasy genre and it has approximately 7,000 words.


    Here is the synopsis:

    London, 1794. Lucius Cane, a peculiar vampire, comes upon an opponent the likes of which he has never seen before – a brute with remarkable abilities. But not all is as it seems as their encounter unfolds in a manner that neither of them expected.

    If requested, I can provide the MOBI, ePUB or PDF copy of the story.

    Hoping that it will spark your interest and that is review worthy….

    Thank you very much in advance.



      • Dear Pratyu,

        Thank you very much for agreeing to review my short story.

        Could you please give me your e-mail address so I could send you the PDF copy.

        Kind regards.


        P.S. I noticed that you had the documentary by Dr Rick Strassman (DMT; The Spirit Molecule) posted on your blog. That’s one of my favourite documentaries. πŸ™‚

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