No Barriers 

At the airport , saw a Japanese mother of two naughty boys .. A 2 year old and a 7 year old I guess. . And there was an Indian mother of two daughters almost matching their age.. While the younger one is a lil over 3 years. 

 Even though they don’t know each other’s language , I saw excitement in the faces of those boys when they see these girls. Instantly they started talking to each other in whatever language they know  and with gestures. It’s so amazing to watch kids connect without any barriers of language ,sex , religion whatsover. 

 While I would have been a lil shy to talk to anyone whom I absolutely cannot communicate with in a common language , these kids reminded me of how I was in my childhood before the  ” maturity” as people call took over me . I should be free like them .. With no worries , no care for what people think… Just do what u feel like.. It was beautiful to watch these kids communicate me play along.

 What an amazing way to start a trip to a foreign land, energised and excited to face whatever life is going to throw at me.

  Love the vibe… Xoxo 


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