Business insights in kitchen nightmares

I love Gordon Ramsey,  who doesn’t! At times, I get a feeling I am enjoying his yelling at people way too much !

However,  this post is not about how I feel or what his prowess is; it’s about how kitchen nightmares episodes give us insights into how a business functions and what are the problems-solutions that we can gain out of it.

Lets start with the most popular episode of all, Amy’s bakery.  The first ever time Gordon ramsay couldn’t help and walked out of it.

Amy’s bakery was a beautiful restaurant with a classy ambience, well-suited tables and a perfect example of well maintained decor of a restaurant. The kitchen was spot clean, groceries well labeled and crockery neatly arranged. It had talented waitresses and amazing staff.

Everything seems to be great,  what can be wrong with this place ! The owners themselves. Restaurant management was not their cup of tea. Restaurant was set up to make Amy’s dream come true. Doing what you like is one thing,  being able to do is other. The couple lacked the latter.

Is that the only thing they lacked? No! Amy’s food was terrible,  customers despised it. But, Amy is not ready to take any criticism. According to her,  her food is the best and the customers are wrong. Her husband is scared of telling her the truth and doesn’t take criticism himself. He’d rather yell at the customers for negative comments and chase them away than understand the comments.

While it’s good to try and fail than not try at all. There is a realisation to gain when u fail or rather notice why u do,when you fail. Amy’s bakery lacked this realisation.

It clearly shows us the ways a business can fail.
1. Customer comments are very crucial, they can make the business a grand success or a terrible failure.  in a business, customer is God. Not listening to them is like calling upon the death.
2.Denial. Unable to accept the fact that something is going wrong or you are screwing things up. Not manning up to the failure.
3. Being Oblivious to various important factors that are a must for succèssful business . For example: customers expect a good restaurant to have good ambience, pleasant and neat environment, good food and welcoming staff; ignoring any can be a recipe for disaster.
4. Not knowing when to throw away. There comes a time when you might need to warn ur fav chef/waiter or even fire him and it’s necessary at that point, regardless of past achievements. In general, not knowing when to take a step back and analyse. Not knowing when to get rid of ur ways or stuff or even people.
5. Inability to change with time. In short unable to keep up with current trend.
6. Refusing the help when offered. Knowing when to take help is v crucial in a business especially when it’s failing.
7. Unwilling to change yourself or the way the business currently is. Change is an integral part of a business. Had Amy changed herself, the restaurant would have been a hit.

More than analysing the episodes , I enjoy Gordon’s reactions 😛


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  1. therz a clear difference on what you want to do and what you can… as u said self learning from mistakes can reduce that gap.. but if not then its good to accept that fact.

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