Piece of cake review#8


Author: Swati Kaushal, an MBA grad from IIMC with another best seller “A girl like me” in her treasure chest.

I started this book when I decided to get a much needed break with an easy-going story to latch onto. I must say this book has reached beyond my expectations! When I first noticed she is an IIM grad , I was like ” yet another IIM grad writing book , let’s see  how this ! ”

To be honest , I was not very sure if this would cater to my current mood. But, it amazed me !

The book starts with a routine story of many girls where in the girl turns 29 and her parents are worried about her unmarried status. The first chapter establishes that she is an independent girl who also loves to get pampered , and I instantly connected with it.

It beautifully intertwines the business part with the crush-family drama part. I must say this book has great marketing ideas and sales plans. As every chapter proceeds the excitement levels go up . There are disguised villains and misunderstood characters , it has got every side of entertainment guaranteed.

It has given a peek into the business life, how  the market works , how the employees are expected to work, the deadlines, the presentations, the irritating peers , the innovative ideas . It gives an insight into what goes on behind a product development, marketing and sales. It’s an amazing book for marketing enthusiasts.

Keeping the business enthusiasts high , the book also engages the audience who love the boy next door stories. This book also has one such cute and hot guy , who is every girls dream , charming , talented . Unlike the fantasy stories , I must say the book keeps the story practical. It’s not – a cute boy, an independent girl trying to break out , they meet .. charming talks, cute scenes bang they get committed and married. No! It’s every girl’s story. You don’t just get married to your cute and amazingly talented neighbour !!

All in all , it’s a wonderful book to read while lazing out on a comfy couch and with a good coffee ;Rain is an amazing bonus to this , which I am lucky to get .. yay!

Piece of CakePiece of Cake by Swati Kaushal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All in all , it’s a wonderful book to read while lazing out on a comfy couch and with a good coffee ; Rain is an amazing bonus to this , which I am lucky to get .. yay!


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P.s I dont have any such neighbour even to crush on.Sigh!

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  1. It looks great for your review.. The thing about how she kept it real hit home alright. Life doesn’t always end like fairy tales with Charming princes at the side, isn’t it 😜

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