Warren Buffet’s management secrets review#7


This is about the management strategies used by warren buffet to grow into the person he is. From a person who feared talking in-front of people to becoming who he is , Warren Buffet has outsmarted his investor self with his manager self.

A few secrets to a successful entrepreneurship:

  1. Own , manage or work for the right business.
  2. Delegate authority so that there is more time to invest in innovative thoughts.
  3. Find manager with right qualities; Integrity,intelligence and passion
  4. Motivating the work force

His secrets about managerial aspects gives an insight to the way markets work. The book talks about

  1. Which companies are best to work with
  2. How the employers think , which companies they prefer to work with
  3. How the consumers decisions impact the market.
  4. The type of companies that give more scope for a manager to grow and succeed.
  5. Re-designing products, re-building machines
  6. Low cost buyer and seller companies eg: Nebraska furniture mart, Costco,Walmart

This book gives a lot of insights into business world ,strategies and the qualities needed by every person at one’s point of career. It explains strategies of various companies and what lead them to the path of success. A must read book 🙂

The audio book video is below.. 🙂


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