A common language of nature

   As we humans have different languages to communicate , so do the plants and animals. But , we humans have a common language to communicate with any person of a different language . Likewise , does the nature have a common language too?

    If we humans have a common language to communicate among themselves , so will the plants and animals. If we can communicate with animals , so can we with plants. But , the point is : Is that language inherently existing in every part of the nature, and we aren’t tapping in?

    An interesting part of the movie Avatar has been the human-plant interaction. Though , it doesn’t scientifically explain how , it sure does show that such interaction maybe be possible. DMT , (spirit molecule as scientists call it) ,a molecule present in every plant ,animal and human whose function is not yet known , might be the secret answer.

    There must be some part of the information that we the intelligent species on earth must be missing or not yet found. If we believe we can communicate with extra terrestrial species, plants a part of the world we live in must surely be possible. A common language of nature must definitely exist . It’s just a matter of finding it and using it to connect to the nature.

 For more info on DMT : watch the following documentary


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