The flower show #republic day

I was awaken early in the morning ! I was asked to accompany to the run at lalbagh. I was half-asleep contemplating whether to go or not. I thought about it and said i dont want to go . My sleepy head couldn’t think more , but I heard something that made me change my mind . “There’s a flower show today” and I knew I wanted to go . Even my sleepy head was sure I wanted to go , lest I will definitely regret it.

I’ve visited lalbagh numerous times, and as I approach green house ,people would always say “this is beautiful at the time of flower show” . I’ve heard that enough times, yet I never did visit. I’ve always wanted to watch the green-house, adorned with flowers .  Flowers in itself are beautiful , if they are all put together at one place , arranged artistically and with various varieties to add on to the beauty, who wouldn’t want to go at-least once!

I was excited to go , luckily I charged my ipad fully the earlier day . I started to lalbagh full of excitement , knowing I will love to be there, surrounded by flowers everywhere. Reached early and found the ticket counters were not yet open. I then found the tickets were being given at the entrance and immediately jumped to it. As I got near the green-house , I stood there marvelling the beauty of it. I knew it would be beautiful . Couldn’t wait to get inside.

As soon as I got in, It took a moment to take it in , it was beautiful beyond words! I started clicking pics of everything around. That’s when I decided to blog about it , so that people can experience it through my post. Below are the pics from THE LALBAGH FLOWER SHOW . Hope they take you into the world of flowers and visualise the beauty 🙂



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