Best friend forever

I lost my best friend.


The one, whom I can ping any-time round the clock

The one, with whom I can blabber anything and everything

The one, with whom I share all my joy and sorrow

The one, with whom I can talk for hours without any topic to begin with

The one, whom I can wake up any time just because I’m bored

The one, with whom I can share random shit and feel comfortable


The one, to whom I can reveal what’s actually behind the disguise

The one, who slaps reality in my face when I’m stuck in a bubble

The one, who secretly protects me from everything I’m ignorant about

The one, who encourages me to take risks and  changes my perspectives

The one, who warns me about the problems that I’m inviting

The one, who makes my confusion towards life look just so normal


The one, who’s my first good morning and last good night

The one, who’s on the top of the messaging list always

The one, who irritates me the most

The one, who makes craziness seem so cool

The one, who makes fun of every pic or status I ever share

The one, who will leave me fuming and still get away with it


The one, whom I miss everyday now, yet cant reach out

The one, I lost last year and started this year missing an imp part

The one, who will remain my best friend forever in my mind and heart

The one, I can never use past tense about!


This post is dedicated to that best friend of mine , who’s memories will always remain close to my heart.





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