Does everyone perceive color in the same way? TodayIlearnt #2


As a continuation to the previous post , I searched about how do deaf-blind think ! Deaf people think in the sign language if born deaf , else vocal language. Blind people think in the braille form (using sense of touch ). How do deaf-blind think?!

The answer was not so clear though it was something like , they feel the signs in their hand and that’s how they communicate thereby think!

Though this didn’t give me a clear picture , it’s good enough to clear the confusion. One more question from the previous post left to answer..

Today’s Interesting question that I stumbled on  is :

  1. How do you know if every individual has the same perception of color?` Say yellow to you and me can be the same , but it might actually be blue to me , which I decided to be as yellow! It’s confusing yes , but think about it !  From childhood , cheese is shown to me and said its yellow, even if I see blue color in real  , I associate my_cheese_color(blue)=yellow! You might see cheese and actually see yellow , so your_cheese_color(yellow)=yellow to you!

So the next time they show an actual yellow one , for me blue=yellow and actualy yellow shows as blue , so I say its yellow. To you it’s actually yellow , so you say its yellow. We both as  its yellow , but how you perceive it might be different.!! Very interesting question indeed!!

–>  Apparently not!

Check the following article to answer this q


2 thoughts on “Does everyone perceive color in the same way? TodayIlearnt #2

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  1. Interesting! I noticed this yellow blue thing from a picture that is circulating on Watsapp. Some people saw it as blue and others yellow.
    Have great adventures exploring a and learning. And keep sharing too 😉

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