How do deaf people think? TodayIlearnt #1


TodayIlearnt is a series that I want to start, to record my learnings for a day and also gain more insights into those from people around. I will try to post everyday , once in two days being the worst case.

How do  deaf (hearing impaired) think ?

This is an interesting question we stumbled upon in a day-to-day discussion of ours! We were curious as to which language do they think? How do they communicate with the brain to communicate a thought?! We tried to come up with possible answers for the question which are as follows:

  1. If not born deaf , with the local language of theirs
  2. If born deaf: With the use of pictures of objects,scenes etc
  3. Sign language
  4. If born deaf and blind(visually impaired and hearing impaired) sense of touch?
  5. Like the way kids below 2 years think!

How strange! How do the kids below 2 years think?! They don’t know any language yet!

The following site answers some of our doubts and the actual question at hand.

I still have 2 doubts unanswered though!

  1. How do kids below 2 years think?!
  2. If born deaf and blind , how do they think? (the article above doesn’t answer that case)

I’ll try to find out answers to the above 2 , if you know them already , please post them in the comments below.. Cya ..


4 thoughts on “How do deaf people think? TodayIlearnt #1

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  1. Hello Pratyu.

    Wow! That’s an interesting question, you got there. I, myself, always wondered how these people interact? I used to observe (actually stare) these people whenever i notice them in public and i’m just in ‘awe’ that they use sign language just like we use our mother tongue. They make jokes, they laugh a lot. I always think that they are blessed for their deafness cuz they don’t have to bear all this sound pollution. I’m thinking to learn ‘sign language’ soon (Idk when, but may be soon). By that, may be I can come close to the answer for your question? Who knows?

    Do you know Helen Keller? She is the most influential person who is not just deaf, but blind and dumb. Imagine that? I’m yet to read lot of books about her. I hope a book on her might answer your question. Do add that book to your ‘reading challenge’ 🙂

    Good luck.

    1. That’s so nice! I hope il get more answers from you! its true that they are blessed that way. I’ve attended one workshop on basic asl,but haven’t tried further though I wanted to. Haven’t heard of Helen Keller,now that you have mentioned I definitely will learn about her. Adding it to my challenge mentally 🙂

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