Half girlfriend review #4

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Having a bad impression to start with , I looked down on this book the minute I heard of it. Never having enjoyed his books ,except 2 states at that point (which also sounds so insane to me now) , I was already biased . I never wanted to read it at all . But with the new year vibes around , decided I should stop being so biased and maybe give some benefit of doubt and start it. And that’s how the journey began…

I stress this again that I’m totally unbiased now !! To start with , half girlfriend is written by the Chetan Bhagat who has 6 block bluster books and a lot more to him  htps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chetan_Bhagat

The story starts with a boy approaching Chetan Bhagat with some journals of a girl and asking him to read , because he never can . It then dives into the past of the boy and the girl in the journal . Madhav Jha , the boy in the story gets an interview at St Stephens college and so does the girl Riya in sports quota.

Being a guy who isn’t fluent in English , the mind set of Madhav is well explained. It proceeds well , till the part where the guy starts liking her . I didn’t like the way Madhav tries to force on her even though she isn’t comfortable . The worst came when his friends give him a stupid suggestion and he goes ahead and implements it ! This part did not work for me! If not , the image created about a guy is totally negative here.

Moving ahead , the story moves on and the part of the girl also doesn’t seem good ! I remember cursing both 😀  After about half way thru , I started liking it for the only reason that the rural self maintained school came into picture. The rest of the story is about how he managed to make the school better and how . There sure is a twist which I haven’t expected , actually two twists ! Though after the twist is reached , I felt of course this was bound to happen , so bollywood filmy type. Nothing so unique about it , pretty much same type.

I’m not sure if the books are written to become bollywood films or the films are made from the books if his! However this is good for someone who is just starting to read a novel as the language is pretty easy to understand, who doesn’t analyse the characters  too much , who is well like those characters themselves i guess 😛

I wouldn’t recommend it to srs book lovers , beginners yes , light reading without srs analysing (maybe! ). I finished it in 2 days yay. The first book for this year challenge done. To be honest , this book didn’t suit my way of thinking , hence the review above . 🙂

Half GirlfriendHalf Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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