Brain games

I was watching the Brain games and was quite fascinated by how the brain works!

Here’s one of those brain games for u !

Guess the following image


Al-right now , I guess everyone has their answer . I’m sure you felt it was quite easy  and  are very sure of it .

Look at the entire image to see if you were right, click on the link below !

Answer to the brain game

For those of you who have watched the brain games season 1 episode 1 , you know right away what I’m trying in here.

Our brain is programmed to identify letters to make a meaning out of it , even though only parts of it are seen. It’s a fascinating thing and often works, except when someone is trying to trick u like this 😛 !

U’ve been tricked! That was pure gibberish 😀

idea source : Brain games season 1 episode 1 🙂


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