Sickness and Hot manchow soup..


The way I see, sickness is an indication that your body needs rest.  It’s the time to stop worrying about every damn idea in your head and care for yourself!!

It’s the time to think just about yourself,have the me-time that you’ve been longing to have 👻 There’s an upside to it.. U can be pampered by everyone without even asking for it 😛 or can ask people to pamper you without any hesitation 😂 Being pampered a lot, can surely make the illness runaway fast 😁

Being sick is advantageous in a way that you get to spend more time with yourself. You get to take a break from all the pressures, relax a while.  The loved ones tend to give extra time and attention. ☺Oh! Oh! Nothing can beat a hot manchow soup  when the illness got the better of you!

Definitely there is a downside, which is having to take the eeky taste tablets. Also, having to feel like you are radiating heat like sun! 😑

Well,  if sickness is used to your advantage it will definitely help you a lot 😜


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