My Takeko.. My luck plant .. :)

  If you are wondering what language the name is in , its japanese. Takeko is a bamboo child as per the following source . I named my bamboo plant or as it is popularly called the luck plant as Takeko. People say the luck plant has to be gifted you , it cannot be bought! So , me and my sister wished each other good luck by gifting each other 😀

   I love naming each and everything I have , as I was browsing through trying to find the name for my treasure chest of luck .. Takeko seemed very cute and apt! A plant always gives a great start to the day, it is refreshing in every sense to have one!

   I do talk to my plants, they know my problems too 😛 They give a great feeling and most of the plant lovers firmly endorse that they do respond too , if only one has the eyes to observe 🙂 Having such a delight at office , refreshes every day at office. Especially , if its a luck plant , time at office becomes all the more refreshing in every way . Be it getting more oxygen 😛 or seeing it once in while and smiling at it, waiting to go to office to see if it has grown etc etc  . Plant is the only one that can actually make you want to go to office,motivate you to be there. <No offence to work lovers > 😛

All in all , get the luck plant now if you want shower of luck everyday !! Here’s mine in the picture below, sitting next to my laptop , maybe even smiling at me whenever I talk about it .Takeko!



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