What let’s your pissed off meter go high?!!

The mood at the early start of the day sure does affect the day a lot! Is it always  necessary to get into a big fight to be really pissed off ? I don’t think so ! It’s so totally dependant on your dream when u wake up , the first thing u see in the morning, what you’re looking forward to , etc etc …

These are just the ones that set your mood away from happy to the slightly irritated zone ..and the trigger would be something else…

A Monday in itself is enough to set the mood razzthe trigger can just be the lift which gets stuck at a floor and you are forced to walk on stairs with a heavy laptop bag -_- … u would sure be  pissed for the entire day .. on a meter rating of 8/10 biggrin An extremely perfect day has just gone down the drain ..


  A stupid dream of you being with someone you hate the most (mostly your ex i guess razz)  ..mood set to irritated max! >< and the trigger call from the customer

care trying to convince you to get an insurance or some bla bla .. Gone is the perfect day into the hands of the demons.. 


A serious fight with your loved one in the night .. followed by no messages at all .. would give you mixed feelings.. pissed ,sad ,irritated everything but happy biggrin

Just the reason of being awakened by someone when you clearly don’t want to wake up is in itself enough to spoil ur whole day ! U would be a walking zombie , sleep deficient and pissed with the one who woke u up so for whatsoever reason biggrin

or on the contrary trying to wake someone up when there’s a lot of work to be done but the person just doesn’t care to

even try gets you so very pissed that you just pour a bucket of water on them!


While there are hundreds of silly reasons to be pissed with anyone or anything .. just a deep breathe and even a conscious attempt to smile would make u feel hell a lot better !

So… when you are pissed just make an effort to smile and stop urself from ruining the day .. razzbiggrin



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