Scary fun Fridays..

I was just thinking of ways to spend the Friday night and the weekend ! In that process when I recollected, I’ve recently had quite a great discussion about the existence of spirits lovingly called “ghosts” by everybody 😛 And I instantly knew what to do tonight!

Do you believe in spirits? If not do you believe in God? If so , why do you think the counter force as spirits doesn’t exist?

Too many questions eh .. I am a believer of spirits!  And I don’t have a proof , don’t even want one ! o_O

I’ve always loved to do some research on parapsychology , I’ve heard from people it describes spirits as fear of our mind . As in, spirits are nothing but the reflection of the inner fears and our imaginative way of amplifying it. Though that sounds quite convincing, it doesn’t entirely convince us that the ghosts doesn’t exist ! Does it?

While there are people who want to explore the graveyards, there are people who don’t even want to take the name of the ghost! I’m both ! I want to go explore and find out if they do really exist, yet I have the fear that if i start thinking much about them I might attract the ghosts!

However let the horror sweep over! Let it challenge your fear and let your mind conquer it !

Here are some amazing ghost stuff for you guys…

1> Dark heritage

2> The Amityville Horror – book

3> Psycho – Movie

4>The ornate lock -Movie

5>It follows – Movie

6>nightmare in the elm street

7>The Exorcist

Guys let me know if you have any other interesting ones … 🙂 Happy weekend… Oops !! Spoooky weekend…


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