Honnemaradu – Encounter with water


  One of the best adventure spots to visit on weekends. After coming back from Hampta pass trek , with Honnemeradu planned way back , I was of the feeling its just a small trek blahrazz. Frankly i thought of it as a relaxing trip and never even considered it much.redface

Who knew my perception is gonna change after I jump into it !! Here’s some facts about this place:

1. it’s NOT a relaxing la la la trip -_- No! (if you are looking for such a place , this is surely not for you)

2. Be ready to be surprised like ALL THE TIME! 😯

3. It’s most enjoyable with a close group of friends (or at-least a few you can rely on)

4. Best for bonding with a network free zone 😛

5. A perfect place for a nature lover

6. If you are an environmentalist , be prepared to have thoughts as to what the hell are you doing with your life !!(Just kidding !! But it would definitely stir a deep thought process )

7. If you have aqua-phobia , you can get over it here with some help of-course! (Not a bogus , its a fact I did! ) This is gonna be a long post ,brace yourself!!

  As Wiki says Honnemaradu is located on back waters of Sharavathi river, which is why the literal meaning golden lake I suppose.

Journey begins…

Breakfast-campus walk: 

  Started off with a train journey to talguppa station,expecting a night out in train was all excited only to see everyone heading to sleep rolleyes !  Fine , I can wait some more I told myself ! Reached talguppa and took a car to Honnemaradu base camp ! As soon as we reached, it started raining ! Great , we got the ponchos yay! But… fact is we never even took our ponchos out ! Yes, it was amazing getting drenched in the rain and the rain god actually was very sweet to us(will tell you how)

  The expectations were so low that as soon as we saw the toilets , we started jumping with joy 😀 (imagine expecting a place without even a tibetan toilets and finding these , its a luxury! Don’t blame us!) After breakfast, there was a campus walk , a warm up session .. it was beautiful to do a mini trek in the rain to end up looking at the amazing dam there. Loved the walk , knowing about the place and being under the wings of nature.

The most dreaded encounter with water :

  Following the campus walk was the paddling session , we got back to the camp got the life jackets and headed towards the river sherawati .. after reaching there did i realize , its not just a paddling session for coracle ride!! We were supposed to swim to the island nearby! Holy cow! How am I gonna get through this! I started panicking with this realization itself!

   I started shaking with fear , my breath shortened ,eyes moistened ! The very contact with water brought back the visions of the past , i stood still unable to move ahead! The sound of water seemed to magnify hundred times terrifying me ! I was in no way ready for this ever ! Started crying unable to explain how dead I was feeling ! I am as courageous ever but this I cannot ! The flash of going under the water and fighting for breath startled me ! The nightmares of water that haunted me for years started laughing at me ! I truly had the feeling its a death trap again and this time I dunno if I’m gonna make it ! With all the courage I could muster , I took a step forward and i stumbled . I panicked , had a loss of breath and was trying hard to fight the fear!

    At this very moment , came a friend to help me who was as patient as ever, as encouraging as ever and the trust is the only reason which gave a hope I could take a risk . Without the help of whom , I would have never got the confidence I did and the courage I did ! With that newly gained courage I did start trying to balance myself , trying to forget the worst thoughts which were trying to dominate . Between all the cries of be with me , stay beside me, pls dont leave me , I started moving towards the island from the shore. After I did, there came another friend to make sure I was fine. With the help of these two , i did get all the confidence that I am not going to die . Phew , that was a very big achievement in itself .

  I started going on my own asking them to stay close, just in case. After a while , I could see the island is close by . Now that I have the confidence of how to stay afloat , I wanted to speed up and go . With the help of my friend stopped back paddling and tried to stand and cycle(forgive me for the terms, I have no clue what they are called) . Anyway , I managed to reach the island . Finally , Hurray to me!!!

Thanks to the two friends of mine without whom I can’t even imagine doing it ever.

Lunch-coracle ride:

  Started back after relaxing a while , the swim back was more peaceful . With this we were back to camp for lunch . After lunch was the coracle ride . Looking forward to the ride , my mind was still working on mixed emotions . Lunch was delicious again ,after the washing session at the well, headed for the coracle ride. We had to lift the coracles , turn them over and place them on water before riding them.

  We were a group of four girls (girl power yeah)  , this coracle ride was an amazing learning . It was pure team work, controlling,strategizing,calculating the water currents and controlling the paddling speed etc. We managed to make it to the island first among all (yayy!! Go girlies ) and without having any water in our coracle (a great success feat that is) . Frankly, a lot of them felt we couldn’t do it , proving otherwise actually made us feel even happier.

  The ride back was actually pretty simple as the currents were on our side and yet again we made it first cool. This coracle ride gave me some bitter-sweet memories, bitter at the start with the de-motivation factor ,sweet – as that was overridden and a great experience,memories resulted . Overall sweet dominated the tiny bitter part , the confidence which flowed in was enormous !

Ending this post with the success of coracle ride , the trip isn’t over yet , another post to follow on this 😉

****Thanks to the our girl gang who synchronised so well on this ride.. Hip Hip Hurray !!! coolwink ****


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