The night my bff came to my rescue..

   It all happened one day when I was suddenly invited for a movie .. and I was ready to go for it considering it was @early evening .. I have made my calculations would end by early night  2.would anyway get a drop home as always ..all set !!

   I have let my daily drop go home…  The movie was ok ok , on my way back I realized its dark (obviously early night is dark !yes ! somehow realization hit me suddenly accompanied by fear!!) , my mind was filled with the possibilities of reaching home early considering  I’ll have to travel alone..  I was completely satisfied with the plans in my mind .. Auto was the savior I thought of …

   Went ahead only to find the auto stand empty ! Not even a single auto ! I panicked ! It’s dark , I stood in the middle of the busy road clueless as to how to go alone! Called one of my friends to see if I could use some help , I was suggested to book a cab 😀 Fine! I know that !! Y would I call knowing I can book a cab ! 😀 I couldn’t ask for a drop after hearing the suggestions ..Lot of self-respect :P… So I let go and said ok ..cut the call..

   Fear filled me .. I felt lost ..scared .. clueless.. gosh staying alone is sure tough! Thank god I don’t experience it everyday I told myself…. Waited for half an hour asking every auto wala bhayya .. none seemed willing to drive to that area!

   I started shaking with fear , it’s ok you are a brave girl I told myself .. it’s a busy city and is not so late .. Yet my mind was  thinking of only the worst possibilities !

   I got a text !! Flash flash ! recent news of a rape case by a cab driver in my city ! Perfect timing !!!

  OMG! Reaching home safely is all i want in life !! (this applies to that moment alone :P)

   Called my bff…. ” will try my best to get off the company bus and accompany you home ” … That was one friend I always counted on .. and yes I knew I’m gonna go home safely .. yet .. what if the bus driver didn’t allow to get off!!!

   I called my colleague to check if I could use some help .. and that was a yes! That calmed me .. My bff came to my rescue( yes ! not exaggerating !! I was like a scared pup) and the rest was loads of fun !

   However I realized I made a mistake about my assumptions and feeling overly brave 😀


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