A Study in Scarlet review #1

   This is the first ever book review written by me .. So I decided to start with one of my favourites of Sherlock Holmes.. A study in scarlet written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!! (Although, the name is given by Mr Holmes as an jargon as per the book!)

    It is a very interesting read to those who love murder mysteries ,detective stories,suspense/thrillers.The story revolves around the two characters Watson and Sherlock Holmes. Watson ,a military doctor returns to England from Afghanistan , after spending due time wandering around and spending lavishly decides to change his lifestyle and goes in search of a comfortable yet cheap stay. In the process of which , he meets Holmes who as well is in search of  a room-mate.

   The introduction of Watson was very discreet and informative. It clearly makes a reader visualize the way Watson must be, after his time in the military. The introduction to the character Holmes was imbued with curiosity  even before the char made its appearance. The first deduction of Holmes about Watson returning from Afghanistan increases the curiosity of the readers and makes it an even more interesting read.

   Curious Reader is the curious Watson who is looking for all the possible means to know more about Holmes, who is amazingly knowledgeable  and ignorant at the same time! As soon as the interestingly complex murder case comes into picture, the detective skills of Holmes are remarkably unveiled .The way he solves the case and the story unfolds is a delight to a curious brain.

   One of the best books to drive boredom away, interesting,holds suspense , raises the curiosity of the readers as the storyline proceeds,also subtly shows the other side of Holmes. Would recommend the book for all the suspense,murder mystery lovers. It’s a  book that engages you deeply.


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