Panipuri love


After returning from the himalayan trek, i have realized the importance of a lot of things… Water,food, sleep,dry clothes!! etc etc..

Panipuri craze is one thing that went to peaks during this phase. The mouth watering panipuri near my place couldn’t beat even the manali panipuri.

I was desperately waiting to be back home and have the tasty, spicy golgappas.  As soon as I landed, the first thing that came to my mind is, now that I’m back I can have panipuris.

I ate them to my hearts content the next day, yet, the craving for panipuris didn’t lessen a bit..  I just kept craving for more and more..

The sukhapuri at the end of the hogging session at any other place just couldn’t give me the satisfaction. I was wondering what would happen to me if I left abroad!!  To a place where panipuris are rarely seen!! 😱😱😵

I’ve gone mad for panipuris .. The spicy pani.. The aloo stuffing with onions and wide variety of masalas… The sukhapuri with a little sour and spicy taste just increases the craving to another level…

Panipuris the best ever !! I am madly in love with the golgappas …


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