Himalayan Trek planning-moods

Excitement phase:

The news of travelling to Himalayas in itself was way too exciting for me . When it was finally decided ,I was literally jumping unable to contain the excitement. Trekking to Himalayas was something which had been on my check-list for a while, after my first trek to kudremukh.

I have never imagined I would become a trekker!! I was shocked to find out I could actually do pretty well after my trek to kumaraparvata.

Planning starts:  

Trek to Himalayas involved a lot of planning and convincing ! I actually kinda encouraged,convinced and forced lavs and sravs to join me on this journey. I really felt this would change the perspective of life for them and for me as well.

1. Manipulation stage :

Major part of the planning for me was to convince those two who have never trekked till now ! That involved a lot of mental boost,motivation, the awesome feeling that would come after it , the values of life that are gonna learned from it , blah blah manipulation they call, encouragement I say 😛  This actually involved everyday q&a sessions, YOU CAN DO IT boosts etc etc:P Finally after I painted a beautiful picture of the upcoming trek , the actual planning started.

2.The story of ticket booking!! :

My part was to book the tickets to Delhi and back, after a lot of research and comparisons I finally found the cheapest and best possible way through indigo. Fastest and cheapest that is , but it wouldn’t leave me that easily , will it ? 😀 To make it more complicated , the payment was done and tickets didn’t get booked 😀

That’s the day my bonding with Indigo began , series of calls everyday !! 😛 After asking for refunds, flights at the same rate, name changes,offers finally a PNR was kept on hold before the I get the refund from the bank! . Phew !! Half way through the booking!! I remember talking to Monish an Indigo customer care person almost everyday that I even remember our PNR by-heart. 😀 From all the chaos finally , got back the money and booked the tickets yayy!!

3. You need trek stuff too phase! :

All set and done to go ! Oh no wait ! what about the stuff needed to go to trek! Crap! I don’t have anything!! –Realization hits 😛

After a lot of  research for the trek stuff , borrowing from friends,visits to decathlon and digging the old trek stuff , finally done!!! yay!

4. Body questions! :

Oh no wait! I have the tickets,stuff needed then the body says: “Dude! where’s the physical stamina needed for a 4 day trek??” My mental self slaps itself  “crap! I totally forgot about it! I be prepared for some gym time” . Then we check the mails and see a proper schedule for the exercises! Fitness chart ! That actually scared me :O! Motivated myself anyway!

With that , we (me&friends)hit the gym for a month with lot of leaves and excuses in between (decent enough come on !! we tried something, can’t expect to actually follow the physical chart  !! )

Finally , all set for the trek phew!! Planning face ends here! Tada!!! Beeming faces!!

This should be a wonderful opportunity for the family bonding specially , the number of days away from the internet,mobile and closer to nature will actually give more time for the family to get to know each other . I was keenly looking forward to the same experience 🙂

Ending this with my famous motivation line —  ” If YOU can’t do it, who can”

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.



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