Happy Fathers day

 Dad is the one ,who works very hard from the min sun goes up till the min night blinds you ..

 It is hard not to notice the pain and the tiredness he feels..

 It’s hard to see how exhausted he feels,yet, he never accepts  that he really is ..

He shields the feelings of pain, stress from us and keeps a smile to convince us that everything is al-right

When we approach him,he never shows the hardship he is in ,the hard work he does, to provide for us, to fulfil our desires…

He never shows the pain he takes, to earn the amount which u take up to party ..

He never stops u from enjoying..having a good tym out…watching movies…from enjoying the luxuries…

 He never declines whatever u ask ..from a pen to a laptop …

 He makes sure you get everything you want ,every happiness u desire,every wish u want to be fulfilled..

 He never tells u not to do things that give you happiness…

He sacrifices his earnings for u ,he sacrifices his luxuries for u…

He sacrifices best clothes for u for you, to get things U need …Because all he wants is for U to b happy , U to get everything..

He feels happy when u buy clothes ,when u n enjoy the movie.,when u feel comfortable…

He is the one who books an ac coach for u ,a cab for u ,but walks home instead…Try asking him to take a cab ..he would say its not that far ..that’s dad …

Its high tym ,u need to understand ur dad , support him and make him happy..

U need to remember that ,it’s solely because of him that you have been so comfortable till date…

It is UR responsibility as a child , to ensure he is happy…u needn’t buy him a bungalow to do so..just convince him for a movie with you ..save some money and buy him a  suit …gift him something that reminds him of the memories …achieve your goals and make him proud ..its that simple ..

 It isn’t wrong if u  give up some things to make him happy …after-all he gave up every minute of his for u…

Look closely you will know that he has really given up everything merely for your happiness….

Tats DAD…respect him…love him…

                ********** dedicated to my dad n all the great fathers  **********

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


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