Challenge the discouragement…

Discouraging words are those which are uttered without a thought or with some motive at times  .. Surprisingly , the discouragement you receive when you start a task is way higher than the encouragement ,that ,the latter is almost negligible.

When you think of doing something say for eg: start learning a new language? What can possibly ppl say to discourage this!! Ppl do amaze me ! “What would you do learning this language? Are you trying to show off ?!! (strange , I know)?? Are you going to watch those films and write books! ?  etc etc ”  sarcasm! hmm .. i can handle it…

when ppl start saying such words about your passions.. I’m like ,”cant handle it boss im sorry.. You might as well keep calm than discourage ! ” yes! It takes a very negative toll on people.. Statistics show discouraging words can actually make a confident person lose all of it and make him/her feel worthless! How shocking! True though!

When those words come from your family and friends what would you do ?? An important question to be addressed! coz that would result in dangerous consequences !! (There are many such situations ,Google will second me on that 🙂 ! )

Making fun of a person’s passions might be easy for you but that would have a serious toll on the person ! Think before you say something! Coz you never know what plans the person has ! What reasons he/she might have , what other thoughts are disturbing him/her ! If possible encourage , try to find ways to help him/her nurture it.

I remember , the first time I started to take photography seriously, all i received is the discouragement from various ppl in various ways!! I know ! Strange! I expected the opposite actually ! Thankfully i had a handful of them who would help me  overpower the actual discouragement. Even now , I hear people talk .. people who don’t follow your works , talk about it .. criticize it .. make fun about it ..The worst thing ever is comparison!! I am not competing here hello! I am doing it coz i like it  ,PERIOD. Second worst thing is people who don’t even see what you do, talk about it -_- be it your friends of friends or friends or a nobody! Yet, you need to be nice to them  -_-

Anyway, Constructive criticism is different from a  destructive one , discouragement is different from constructive criticism . Anything that makes the person feel low is definitely not the right kind.  It will affect the person for a while/forever depending on the way he/she handles it.

One way to handle discouragement is to ignore it , other is to challenge it . Ignoring will make you feel better instantly but the people will come back with more , will you be able to handle that ? I guess not!

Challenge it , it will definitely take time , yet will make you feel better and indirectly give a nice lesson to those who discouraged u 🙂

Having seen a lot of my friends  losing confidence over the discouraging words of others is disheartening. Also, I myself having experienced a fair share of such situations , I decided its time to voice it out. Friends , depression is also one such consequence ! People usually don’t share the way discouraging words affect them.. so its your responsibility to take care of your dear ones.. 🙂

Enough said , fight it ..challenge it.. you are better than that .. 🙂


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