Exploring Photography…

So , the first job of buying the DSLR is done .. now what ?? 😯

Now its just time to click , for which stepping out of my lazy shoes is important !! Yes , I am lazy but who’s not ??!! 😆

My interests are the only things that can make me get out , that being said … what’s my type of photography??

Is it  Nature? Fashion? Food ? Macro? Black and White? Hi-speed? .. what!!???

That is exactly what I need to find out .. As for now, I know I am inclined to macro photography .. That’s one in “my type” bucket .. I’m just relying on my senses for the macro clicks , buying a reverse ring would be the first step there….

Being the hyper I am , tried to click some macro type pics with my 18-55mm and this is as close I could get without scaring them off or getting myself hurt 😛

  1. Orange
  2. Fly
  3. Honey bee

I meant the fly and bee ofcourse 😛

Food ?? I am not sure about that yet ..On my check list now , task is to explore and try out food photography as requested for the blog http://vegcookhouse.blogspot.sg/ ..  They have delicious recipes btw , you can request them for any veg recipe…

Exploring is on….


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