My New DSLR !!!!!

Back to blogging againnn … 🙂

After a looooooooong wait , finally took a step towards my passion..  Decided to try it out in my life and bought the first thing I wanted .. DSLR..

Buying a DSLR with my hard-earned money is the most blissful experience and that would remain in my heart forever. Every time I look back , I am sure I will always be happy to take this decision at this point of my life .

Having said that , what’s the fun in just buying the dslr and keeping it locked away ryt ?? Time to click as many pictures possible … time to freeze as many amazing moments as possible…

Though I am an amateur at this point and not entirely sure about the type of photography I am exactly made for .. I will get there 🙂 Now its time to explore ..

Here’s the first click of my dslr … at office 😛 Well, as the word office always screams out the word stress .. here it is ..

Caption: When d stress is just too much to handle… click the link below for the pic 🙂


And btw , as u see this is my photography page ..   World thru my lens .. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My New DSLR !!!!!

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  1. Nice Start. One fine such morning some years back I clicked the similar Photo and now I’m a renowned Photographer 😉
    What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

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