Boys don’t wear pink! Boys don’t cry!

        I’ve been hearing these statements around every nook and corner in the country .. From my early childhood to my teens..  “Boys don’t cry ..Boys don’t wear pink.. Boy’s don’t play with dolls ,its too girly ..  cooking is too girly task…Dancing! too girly(yes that’s right I heard that statement)! ” etc etc … It starts ryt when the baby boy is born !! “Get any color stuff but not pink!” When he starts going to school .. “Any color Tiffin box not pink!” Phew .. !!

       Being a girl , I found it insulting at tyms, yet, I also felt sorry for those boys who don’t have freedom to even let their emotions out ! Coz boss that’s too girly ! Well , will there ever be a solution to this problem ?! Of course there will be .. The whole nation may not suddenly change ,but hey ‘U’ can ! When you see a boy crying .. pls do not tell him “Boys dont cry!” He might start to hide his emotions and crumble inside .. This suppressed emotions can give rise to either complete depression or a sadistic person out of him!! 

      Well obviously ,if ppl deny to hear his emotions out , he will stop caring about others emotions! Result? Domestic violence ! Harassment ! What not! That’s the worst case condition .. still.. not a good statement to teach….

      Topics of interest!! Apparently people judge by these as well!! Be it films, books , arts, clothes etc etc … I do see male models wearing pink !!  (No they are not gay as they say , thinking so is again wrong altogether ,totally wrong notion!  The attraction alone differs !That’s it ! Anyways thats a different topic..)  I really don’t know y Boyish behaviour needs to always  involve bikes or Football! (from what I heard)  

       I may be wrong , I may be right .. I just know there are many who are commented upon either directly or behind the back…. That’s not right is all I’m trying to voice out .. 🙂 


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