Wake up!! Make your call!!

They said he is very good..
They said he respects elders..
They said you will not find such guy again…
They said I should marry him..

I opposed.. tried to make a sensible discussion..
fought back .. cried.. emotionally broke..
But I gave up under the spell of their emotional talks..
I fell for the very words of childhood care..

I married him.. and decided to give up everything …
adjust.. nobody is perfect I said myself..
But I couldn’t adjust more when there is no respect there..
I broke.. cried.. got angry… got strong..

I said I don’t need this anymore and walked away..
After many days I could see myself smile..
I could feel the real sense of freedom..
I finally found myself again..

They thought he is good ..as his neighbors confirmed it..
They thought he respects due to the drama he did in-front of them..
They were so good that they thought he is also good..

Little did they know how good he is..
Little did they guess how much respect he holds for a woman ..
One thing they really were true about him.. One can never find such worse guy again!!

Dedicated to all the parents.. and the girls who suffered and are still suffering.. Wake up!! Make your call!!


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