The first Ramp walk & a lot more!!

  It has been a busy month with so much happening around… while the previous month was the busiest…  The month that made me feel lively and completely excited .. It was when my feet started dancing to the tune of amazing songs..  My vocal chords vibrating with the songs sung from the heart… 

Sing & Dance...

   Sounds quite complicated eh? Last month was the Family day of our company ..and I was involved in organizing the pre week boom and a participant of the events on the family day… I was thrilled and looking forward to be on stage after a long time… It was the time I did something which is quite impossible for me  i.e waking up early in the morning at 5 30 AM everyday after sleeping too late !!

I have always seen myself dancing on stage but  “the ramp walk” , never ever imagined i will do that in my life!! 

  I was thrilled and excited to be a part of the Fashion show . Being the first time is always special in anything be it love , dance , on stage performance everything…  I still remember the first crush days of mine… 🙂 Now that’s off the topic 😛 coming back to this…

 The full month has been quite eventful ..taking me back to college days.. the practices for dance & fashion show everyday… fun during the practices…groups and likes and comments on facebook…. non stop messaging in whatsapp…  When I felt quite closed till then I suddenly had a blast of masti with lotzzz of new friends.. new trips… I couldn’t wait to go to office everyday ..With all the new pre week events booming up the enthusiasm among the colleagues grew immensely… and a new committee was born ..a cultural committee 🙂

 Though the exact functioning is still a doubt 😛 ..we had, and are still having lots of fun getting together that way… This has shown myself in a different way ..a team player , a leader , a pro-active person.. a dancer , a singer and surprising of all a model!! Amidst all this I managed a click of the place 🙂 


 I will take this boost and carry it along to nurture my dreams as well 🙂 


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