Travel experiences..

Hey everyone , recently I have visited a few places as a part of my vacation… after which I felt like sharing all my travel experiences and the significance of various places.  Every place we travel to , leaves  an imprint in our hearts , a memory. It can be anything, say, a funny incident or some tense situation . But, there will always be  that one moment which we cherish forever .

I wanted to start a new category ” travel & life” to cherish memories of such places . People can suggest me good places around so that I can add them in my wishlist and visit  some day .

Travelling is life for many,  a classic cine example is the ranbir kapoor in Yeh jawani hai dewaani .. 😛 (

Though I am not that sort of person , I wish to travel to some amazing places, learn their culture, enjoy the beauty of the places than sticking around one place for life time . I would love any suggestions of places and stories of the mysteries hidden in some places.

This is  the intro post for the upcoming  posts in travel & life.. 😉  Keep travelling …

Here is one of the pictures I clicked while travelling

High in the sky...


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  1. Hoping on 🙂 My first time here 🙂 Travel is one thing I always look forward! the journey, new place, new people everything will never make me to fall asleep the previous night of the travel 🙂 packing things and buying new stuff always attract me and I make getting one small thing from each place I visit 🙂 🙂 though photos and experience speaks a lot, this one thing will make you to think the moment you were at the spot 🙂 🙂

    1. I Agree.. I feel all energized before travelling .. as I fantasize a lot, I keep feeling some wonder can happen along the way.. some incident or some person I meet which might totally change the course of my life!! I look forward to embracing the wonders of travel.. 🙂 It was nice of u stop by 🙂

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