This is really helps !! Boredom is a part of every person and henceforth I hope this truly is useful…

World through my lens

🙂   Every person gets bored some or the other time… the most surprising thing is ..sometyms  i feel bored even if i am doin something

😮 !!!! i donno if many feel this!! boredom looks like a part of myself… due to which i keep doing multiple tasks ..the sad thingy is at tyms the half way thru doin things i feel bored..i leav it in the middle and will start doing smthn else :(. I donno if this is an advantage r not ..

   But… i can say something ..feeling bored opens urself to the interests within u u a chance to explore urself ..and will give u

great ideas at tyms!!! thats bcoz to drive ur boredom away ,u tend to do smthn different .. 🙂 .Wel if u feel like doing something its

obvious that u have some interest in it !! isnt it??…

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