Images in the eyes..

I was always interested in taking pictures right from my childhood.. As i grew up, unknowingly my interest grew with me..Though initially I took some weird photos ( i never used to accept they are bad anyhow 😛 ) , I learnt eventually ..I then begged or rather demanded 😛 for a camera mobile.. and my interest became an addiction for quite sometime.. then shifted to dg camera …started clicking better pictures .. I used to feel am creative( some felt Its stupid 😛 ) as I started taking pictures of ‘an ant on the apple’ and the like ..

Then I learnt there are various types of photography and wide range of angles , focus bla bla as professionals speak.. This is how it all started…

Finally got a DSLR Canon 600D and started understanding better after a workshop… One day as I was heading to office I saw so many-beautiful scenes that I thought were photographic.. then came the notion “images in the eyes”.. Eyes are the perfect cameras with unlimited storage and all the photographic terms to perfection..

I understood that, ultimately  it is all about trying to reach the way the eyes can capture the images of the scene.

This is an amateurish attempt by me to capture that wonderful camera, the eye.


6 thoughts on “Images in the eyes..

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  1. Amazing creativity 🙂 I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg and u continue to explore your interests and talents! Already taking pics like a pro! So much progress!! 😀

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