its all about not being a nag ..

I realized recently that letting go gives the happiness ‘ most wanted’ . Being clingy towards  people ‘or’ the things ,will bring nothing but the depression and distress filling up the life!! It’s true that there will be most loved objects and people in everyone’s life . When one tends to lose them suddenly ,the cloud of memories just surround so much that the world never changes from that moment! That is , one tends to get stuck in the past and never really realize that the world is just moving on around them! IFF , this goes on the person truly enters the next stage which is frankly speaking “complete madness” .

There will  then appear  symptoms of her/him being soliloquy ! Crying over the things which are already gone ! THIS is truly a waste of energy and the precious “TIME” . Not being a “nag” will always help oneself and the others,  who might find it irritating at times to handle a nag !! One good thing is TO LET GO. Let yourself ‘out’ of the box you are trapped in and move on.

The point is “sometimes you can gain something better only if you lose something and give the vacancy for the best “!  🙂 Never be clingy towards the people or the things that you would have loved the best . There is always a chance to get one’s better than you had, you never know…  😉


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