I never listened to my heart …

The day i met you , my heart kept on warning me to be careful and not to lose myself..

But.. i never paid attention to it…

sank deep in your beautiful words..

The day i accepted you ,my heart kept on pounding with excitement ….

On the other side , it kept reminding me that i’m sinking too deep to get out  anymore..

But ..i  never felt the necessity to get up from the depth of your love , i thought it was stupid .


The day u left me in the darkness ..

the day all my dreams shattered..

the day reality dawned upon me …

i was unable to face the light of  realization..

realization of the fact that you no longer exist !!!!!


My heart is now crying in pain unable to erase the memories ..

unable to accept the fact that there is no “you”

I am unable to face myself..

for,i never really have  listened to myself..

i ignored the words of my  very  own heart… my own heart …


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