as i was scheduling things to do in my holidays … i thought i could start writing some interactive posts as well … well, though the holidays started two days ago , having a feeling of spending a lot of time wasting already !!!! the whole point is , next year companies are gonna come for placements !!! i still have no clue how to plan  my future . i’m having many options and ideas in the head 😛 . a feeling of doing everything sometimes .. mba,gre mtech n civils!! in accordance with that my passions also add ideas ,making it altogether confusing and complex!!!! over enthusiastic i guess 😀 .. there is the guitar i wanna learn , vocal classes ( during job 🙂 ) , cat coaching after btech , mtech prep in the final year , writing some poems or rather my expressions ( the best thing i always like to do )  . How could i forget the salsa!! my fav dance form .. i’m into that too …

speaking so, there goes a big list of my passions … a lot of scheduling and organizing is necessary now. the creative and determined “me”  is now gonna spring into action, to use this holidays quite well. it’s time to plan things out , leaving aside the all-time job of eating eating eating with less of  sleeping and more of “covering ” non-watched films .. uffff hectic days 😛

i wish i were a robo so that i can learn things in a giffy and quite a single look .. how about a human-robo ???i’m into it.. 😉

one thing i realized now is that organizing and planning goes well but the implementation module is full of bugs i guess ! lemme clear that to make the things ” perfectly finished” way 🙂 … bubyeee guys have fun in the holsss… make the best of it by completing the unseen movies and going over with the delicious home made dishes .. 😉

for the guitar lovers ..one of the top 30 guitarists TOM MORELLO’s video for u ..


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